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The Joint Blog | March 26, 2019
 Connecticut Marijuana Legalization Bill Approved by Committee

Anthony Martinelli

Legislation to legalize marijuana was passed recently by the Connecticut Joint Committee on General Law.
House Bill 7371 was passed by the committee in a 10 to 8 vote, reports High Times. The measure must now be passed by the full Senate and House before it can go to the governors desk. If the measure is passed into law it would legalize and regulate commercial marijuana cultivation, processing, and sales in the state, while companion measures to tax cannabis and allow for expungements of past convictions are being considered by different committees. A supporter of the bill, Democrat Rep. Juan Candelaria, said that regulating marijuana will provide a source of new revenue t....
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Marijuana Policy Project | Mar 25, 2019
 N.H.: Senate hearing on medical cannabis home grow bill

Since 2009, the New Hampshire House has passed numerous bills that would allow patients and caregivers to cultivate a limited supply of cannabis. These bills have all failed to pass the Senate, but there are good reasons to believe this year might be different. Tomorrow afternoon, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee will hold a public hearing on the bill. Here are the details: WHAT: Public hearing on HB 364, a bill that would allow patients and caregivers to grow a limited supply of cannabis three mature plants, three immature plants, and 12 seedlings per patie....
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Marijuana Policy Project | Mar 25, 2019
 Rhode Island lawmakers held initial hearings on proposal to legalize marijuana last week

Legislative discussions on Gov. Raimondo`s proposal to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana for adult use were front and center last week at the State House. On Tuesday, the Senate Finance and Judiciary Committees held a joint hearing on Article 20 of the governor`s budget bill, which includes provisions to establish a regulatory system for adult-use marijuana sales. The House Finance Committee held its own hearing on the same legislation on Wednesday. Email your state legislators and urge them to make marijuana legalization a top priority this year. The original languag....
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NORML | March 20, 2019
 NORML Responds To Latest Cannabis and Psychosis Claims

Paul Armentano
A widely reported study appearing today in the British journal The Lancet alleges that an estimated 30 to 50 percent of psychosis cases in Europe are due to cannabis exposure, and that exposure to elevated levels of THC increases this risk. NORML has previously written on the data showing a multi-directional association between cannabis and psychiatric illnesses, and we have cautioned that those predisposed to psychosis or other disorders may be at higher risk for adverse events. That said, it remains premature at best, and sensational at worst to claim that a causal rela....
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NORML | March 22, 2019
 Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/22

Carly Wolf
The U.S. House Financial Services Committee has scheduled to convene a markup on The Safe Banking Act, HR 1595 on Tuesday, March 26th. Activists in Oregon have filed a 2020 ballot initiative with the Secretary of State that, if approved, would allow social cannabis consumption sites and protect consumers from employment discrimination. Similarly, activists in Arizona are attempting to qualify a 2020 legalization ballot initiative. Governor Ron DeSantis R of Florida signed legislation into law to restore patients right to smoke medical cannabis. Governor Ralph Northam D o....
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Forbes | Mar 22, 2019
 GOP Lawmakers Want Marijuana Banking Vote Delayed In Congress

Tom Angell
A key congressional committee is scheduled to vote on far-reaching legislation that would expand marijuana businesses` ability to store their profits in banks on Tuesday. But key Republican lawmakers on the panel are now asking Chairwoman Maxine Waters D-CA to delay the vote. ``As you know, marijuana is a schedule I controlled substance... The impact that many state laws, which have legalized marijuana, have on the federal laws governing the manufacturing, use, and sale of marijuana, including proceeds, raise many questions and concerns,`` Reps. Patrick McHenry R-NC and B....
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Stop the Drug War | March 22, 2019
 NJ Legal Pot Vote on Monday, Houston Police Tighten No-Knock Warrants, More... 3/22/19

New Jersey legislators will vote on pot legalization on Monday, but the votes arent quite there yet; Illinois legislators want to slow down on pot legalization, Houston cops restrict no-knock search warrants, and more. In the wake of a deadly drug raid, Houston police are restricting the use of no-knock search warrants. Creative Commons Marijuana Policy Illinois House Majority Wants to Slow Down on Legalization. A majority of House members have signed on as cosponsors of a resolution to slow down the process of legalizing marijuana in the state. Sixty of 118 House member....
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SFGATE | March 22, 2019
 CVS stores to sell topical products containing marijuana compound CBD

Oscar Pascual
Residents from a handful of states will now be able to purchase CBD products at their local CVS store rather than a medical marijuana dispensary. CVS Pharmacy announced Wednesday that eight states will begin sales of products containing cannabidiol CBD, a medicinal compound found in marijuana, NBC News reports. We are carrying hemp-derived CBD products in select states to help meet consumer demand for alternative care options, said CVS Health Spokesperson, Mike DeAngelis, in a statement to news outlets. CBD has gradually gained notoriety in the scientific community as a ....
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NORML | March 19, 2019
 Marijuana Banking Bill Scheduled For Committee Markup

In the first in what are anticipated to be multiple Congressional hearings to address the federal prohibition and criminalization of marijuana, the House Financial Services Committee has scheduled to convene a markup on The Safe Banking Act, HR 1595 on Tuesday, March 26th. Thousands of state-licensed and regulated businesses lack access to the banking industry and are unable to accept credit cards, deposit revenues, or write checks to meet payroll or pay taxes because federal law discourages financial institutions from engaging in such partnerships. This ongoing federal pr....
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NORML | March 19, 2019
 Oregon NORML, In Partnership With The Oregon Justice League, Files Legalization Justice Act of 2020

Justin Strekal
Chief Petitioners Madeline Martinez, Leia Flynn, and Angela Bacca filed a ballot measure to be known as The Legalization Justice Act of 2020 at the Oregon State Capitol on Monday, March 18. All three women are longtime West Coast cannabis advocates. Madeline MartinezMadeline Martinez is the executive director of Oregon NORML and the only Latina member of the board of directors of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws NORML. She generated international headlines when she opened the World Famous Cannabis Cafe in 2009, the nations first public-facing cann....
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Marijuana Moment | March 19, 2019
 First Congressional Marijuana Vote Of 2019 Officially Scheduled For Next Week
Kyle Jaeger
A bipartisan bill designed to protect banks that service the marijuana industry from being penalized by federal regulators will get a vote in a key congressional committee next week. The legislation, which was discussed during the first cannabis-related hearing of the 116th Congress last month, will go before the House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday. Reps. Ed Perlmutter D-CO Denny Heck D-WA, Steve Stivers R-OH and Warren Davidson R-OH are the chief sponsors of the Secure and Fair Enforcement SAFE Banking Act. It was formally filed earlier this month, and currentl....
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Marijuana Moment | March 19, 2019
 Hawaii Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization Bill In Joint Committee Hearing

Kyle Jaeger
Two Hawaii Senate committees approved a bill to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana in a joint hearing on Tuesday. The vote comes two weeks after the full House passed the amended legislation, which makes possession of three grams or less of cannabis a civil offense instead of a crime punishable by jail time. As approved by that full chamber, a first the offense was punishable by a $200 fine under the bill, but the Senate committees lowered it to $30 instead. While the quantity of marijuana is significantly less than in other states have decriminali....
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NORML | March 18, 2019
 New York: the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act MRTA

Tyler McFadden
A.1617, the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act MRTA, has been re-introduced this legislative session. The bill would legalize the adult possession, use, and regulated sale of marijuana. Over the past twenty years, many New Yorkers have been negatively affected by the harms of prohibition in New York. With people of color accounting for nearly 85 percent of those arrested annually, the MRTA directs the benefits of taxing and regulating marijuana to these communities. Because structural racism is ingrained in marijuana prohibition, its important that the MRTA both ends ma....
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Marijuana Moment | March 18, 2019
 Cory Booker Appears To Call Out Kamala Harriss Marijuana Jokes

Kyle Jaeger
Sen. Cory Booker D-NJ explained why marijuana legalization is no laughing matter on Sunday and seemed to take a dig at Sen. Kamala Harris D-CA over the way she lightheartedly admitted to smoking cannabis in college. During a campaign stop in Iowa, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate was asked where marijuana fits in his criminal justice agenda. Booker emphasized that a lot of people have a very different perspective on marijuana than I do. His next comment appeared to be a veiled criticism of Harris, a rival presidential candidate, who spoke about her personal expe....
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Stop the Drug | March 18, 2019
 Chronicle AM: Legal Pot Bill This Week in NJ, Global Drug War Human Rights Guidelines Issued, More... 3/18/19

A New Mexico pot legalization bill dies and the governor says she will take it up next year, Minneapolis will quit charging small-time pot offenders, UN bodies and member states issue drug war human rights guidelines, a federal prisoner sues for access to methadone treatment, and more. The state of New Jersey is banking on marijuana tax revenues. Now, to get that bill passed. Creative Commons Marijuana Policy Connecticut Democrats Unveil Legalization Package. A group of House Democrats held a press conference last Thursday to unveil a proposed package go bills to allow ....
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