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[Click here for more recent cannabis industry news.] | October 13, 2020

Kyle Jaeger
The governor of Pennsylvania is at it again, delivering yet another speech on Tuesday about the need to legalize marijuana in the state. For someone who just last year came out in favor of the policy change himself, Gov. Tom Wolfs D repeated criticism of the Republican-controlled state legislature for failing to enact cannabis legalization in the months since is notable. In what has now become a monthly series of press appearances focused on legalization, the governor has stressed that marijuana reform could generate tax revenue to support the states economic recovery fro.... View more in new window | October 12, 2020
A Virginia bill would bar police from making stops for small-time equipment infractions and searching based on the odor of weed.
A Virginia bill would bar police from making stops for small-time equipment infractions and searching based on the odor of weed.
The Arizona marijuana legalization initiative picks up a big endorsement, Michigan`s governor signs a package of ``clean slate`` bills that includes expunging past pot offenses, and more. Arizona`s Largest Newspaper Endorses Marijuana Legalization Initiative. The Arizona Republic, the state`s largest circulation newspaper, has endorsed the Prop 207 marijuana legalization initiative. ``The Arizona Republic recommends passage of Prop. 207 because we need to right an historic wrong to decriminalize marijuana use and put the responsibility back on individuals to choose wis.... View more in new window | October 9, 2020

Tom Angell
Sen. Bernie Sanders I-VT is happy that legal marijuana sales are coming to his home state. Let me congratulate the state legislature for making Vermont the 11th state in the country to legalize marijuana and also for expunging past marijuana convictions, the former Democratic presidential candidate posted on Twitter on Friday. Vermont Gov. Phil Scott R announced this week that he would allow a bill to legalize cannabis sales to become law without his signature, while he signed separate legislation to facilitate the expungement of past marijuana convictions. Now, it is ti.... View more in new window | October 9, 2020

Kyle Jaeger
The U.S. government is backing a World Health Organization WHO recommendation to remove marijuana from the most restrictive global drug scheduling categorythough its opposing separate cannabis reform proposals, including one to clarify that CBD is not under international control. At a United Nations UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs meeting in Vienna on Thursday, U.S. Ambassador Jackie Wolcott said that the cannabidiol proposal threatens to introduce legal ambiguities and contradictions that would undermine effective drug control. While the recommendation would simply offer.... View more in new window | October 08, 2020

The Virginia legislature has passed bills limiting the ability of police to use the odor of marijuana as the pretext for a warrantless search, Vermont has approved a legal adult use marijuana marketplace, and more. Marijuana Policy Maine Begins Recreational Marijuana Sales on Friday. Nearly four years after state voters approved marijuana legalization, pot will be available at retail outlets beginning Friday. Adults 21 years of age or older with a valid ID will be able to purchase up to 2.5 ounces of a combination of marijuana and marijuana concentrate that includes no.... View more in new window

NORML | October 5, 2020

Jenn Michelle Pedini,

Today kicks off National Voter Education Week
This week, for the first time ever, voting experts, nonprofits, election officials, businesses, and more are bringing their expertise together under one umbrella to ensure all voters have the information they need to be #VoteReady. This will be an exciting week of interactive education and action, that will build voter confidence and empower them to become ambassadors of voting in their own communities. NORML has partnered with HeadCount to provide resources to help answer any questions you may have about getting registered to vote, checking your registration status, key d.... View more in new window | October 5, 2020

Kyle Jaeger
A coalition of Vermont civil rights and criminal justice reform groups is calling on the governor to sign bills to legalize marijuana sales and facilitate automatic expungements for prior cannabis convictions. Gov. Phil Scott R has until Wednesday to act on the marijuana commerce legislation thats now on his desk, otherwise it will become law without his signature. Hes signaled that hes on the fence about what hell do after hearing criticism from certain racial justice groups; but now hes getting the opposite advice from organizations like ACLU of Vermont. In a statement .... View more in new window | October 5, 2020

Kyle Jaeger
The governor of New Jersey wants voters to approve a marijuana legalization referendum that will appear on the states ballot in Novemberand hes letting people know that at seemingly every opportunity he can. In his latest remarks, delivered on the Bloomberg Surveillance program on Sunday, Gov. Phil Murphy D stressed that the primary goal of enacting the policy change is to promote social equity, but he also recognized that it represents a potential source of significant tax revenue for the state. I wish we could have gotten it done through a legislative process, he said, .... View more in new window

Marijuana Policy Project | Sep 29, 2020
The University of Montana`s Bureau of Business and Economic Research BBER released a study analyzing the potential economic benefits of legalizing and taxing marijuana. The researchers, led by BBER Director Dr. Patrick Barkey, project that Montana will generate $236 million in new revenue from marijuana sales by 2026. The study anticipates a significant boost will come from tourists visiting Montana, with the new marijuana revenue supporting many important programs and services for Montanans. This chart shows the breakdown: .... View more in new window
Marijuana Policy Project | Oct 02, 2020

Gov. Phil Scott said this week that he remains undecided please email or call him today Yesterday, the bill to legalize and regulate cannabis sales landed on the desk of Gov. Phil Scott. He will have until Wednesday to sign or veto it if he takes no action, it will become law without his signature. Please call or email Gov. Scott today and urge him to sign S. 54 During a debate on Wednesday evening, Gov. Scott made this alarming statement: In terms of the pot bill, I havent made up my mind about that. I have received a lot of groupsracial equity groupsthat are asking m.... View more in new window

NORML | October 1, 2020

The total number of persons arrested in the United States for violating marijuana laws declined for the first time in four years, but still outpaces arrests for all violent crimes, according to data released today by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to the FBIs Uniform Crime Report, police made 545,602 arrests for marijuana-related violations in 2019. That total is nine percent higher than the total number of persons arrested for the commission of violent crimes 495,871. Of those arrested for cannabis-related activities, some 92 percent 500,395 were arrest.... View more in new window | October 1, 2020

Kyle Jaeger
The governor of Colorado on Thursday signed an executive order granting nearly 3,000 pardons for people convicted of possession one ounce of less of marijuana. Pursuant to a new law that he signed in June, Gov. Jared Polis D made the pardons on the first day the policy took effect. While the law gives him authority to grant clemency for cases of possession of up to two ounces, his office explained that he limited it to one ounce because thats the legal possession limit under Colorados cannabis program. We are finally cleaning up some of the inequities of the past by pardo.... View more in new window | October 01, 2020
Moving to Montana soon?
Moving to Montana soon?
(image:Gmark1/Creative Commons)
Come November, Big Sky Country could be among the latest places to free the weed. As is the case in Arizona, New Jersey, and South Dakota, marijuana legalization is on the ballot in Montana this year. Moving to Montana soon? Gmark1/Creative Commons In Montana, though, people will be voting on not one but two complementary initiatives. I-190 would legalize marijuana, while CI-118 would amend the state constitution to allow for the age of majorityset at 18to be raised for marijuana as it is for alcohol. I-190 would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana by.... View more in new window | October 01, 2020
Vermont Gov. Phil Scott R has found a new reason to vote a marijuana sales bill after his old reasons were addressed
Vermont Gov. Phil Scott R has found a new reason to vote a marijuana sales bill after his old reasons were addressed
(image:Creative Commons)
New Jersey`s governor gets behing the marijuana legalization initiative, the Department of Health and Human Services wants to impose hair drug testing on federal employees, the New Zealand marijuana legalization referendum is facing headwinds, and more. Vermont Gov. Phil Scott R has found a new reason to vote a marijuana sales bill after his old reasons were addressed. CC Marijuana Policy New Jersey Governor Joins Marijuana Legalization Campaign. In an email from the Democratic State Committee Wednesday, Gov. Phil Murphy D called for marijuana to be legalized as a socia.... View more in new window

NORML | September 29, 2020

Nearly three-in-ten women have either used or are currently using cannabis to manage menopause symptoms, according to data to be presented at the annual meeting of The North American Menopause Society. A team of investigators affiliated with the San Francisco VA Medical Center examined patterns of self-reported cannabis use for menopause symptoms in a sample of 232 female veterans mean age 56 years. They reported: Current or ever use of cannabis for menopause symptom management was reported by 27 percent of all participants, while an additional 10 percent expressed inte.... View more in new window

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