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NORML | July 21, 2020

Justin Strekal
Later this month, there will be a crucial vote in the US House of Representatives on an amendment to protect legal marijuana states from federal interference. The passage of this amendment would be our biggest federal victory yet But we need your help to ensure that we have the votes necessary to win. Since 2014, members of Congress have passed annual spending bills that have included a provision protecting those who engage in the state-sanctioned use and dispensing of medical cannabis from federal prosecution by the Department of Justice. The amendment maintains that fede.... View more in new window

NORML | July 21, 2020

Paul Armentano
More than six in ten likely Arizona voters say that the use of marijuana by adults should be legal statewide, according to polling data compiled by the survey group OH Predictive Insights. Sixty-two percent of likely general election voters believe that marijuana should be legalized for adult use in the state of Arizona. Democrats are most supportive, backing legalization by a 58-point margin 75 percent to 17 percent. Independent voters also show strong support for the law change, endorsing legalization by a 46-point margin 70 percent to 24 percent. By contrast, 52 percent.... View more in new window

Jeff Smith | July 20, 2020

Jeff Smith
Investors and cannabis companies are jockeying for a stake in Arizonas $750 million-plus marijuana market in advance of a likely adult-use legalization ballot initiative in November. If, as expected, residents vote to legalize adult use, the recreational program could launch by next spring. The rec initiative which favors existing medical marijuana operators is creating enormous interest among investors despite the recession and tight capital markets, according to industry insiders. While the election sets up the prospect of multimillion-dollar medical marijuana licens.... View more in new window | July 22, 2020

Kyle Jaeger
A federal science agency announced on Tuesday that it is launching a cannabis testing program to help ensure that the products people purchase from retailers and dispensaries are accurately labeled. The National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST said that since hemp was federally legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill, theres an urgent need for consumers to be adequately informed about cannabis products being sold on the market. To that end, the agency will be spearheading a multi-phase project to encourage best practices in lab testing. While the immediate focus of .... View more in new window | July 20, 2020

Kyle Jaeger
The House of Representatives approved an amendment on Monday to allow military service members to use products containing hemp and its derivativesincluding CBD. The measure, sponsored by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard D-HI, stipulates that the Secretary of Defense may not prohibit, on the basis of a product containing hemp or any ingredient derived from hemp, the possession, use, or consumption of such product by a member of the Armed Forces as long as the crop meets the federal definition of hemp and that such possession, use, or consumption is in compliance with applicable Federal, .... View more in new window | July 20, 2020

According to a new report by The Denver Post, marijuana sales in Colorado set a new monthly record in May. The sales in May break a record thats been in place since legal sales begin way back in 2014. According to the report, licensed legal marijuana retail outlets and medical marijuana dispensaries sold $192,175,937 worth of products in May. This is based on data from the Department of Revenues Marijuana Enforcement Division. The Denver Post notes that these numbers mark 29 percent from April and an increase of 32 percent from May 2019. Sales at both medical and recreati.... View more in new window | July 17, 2020

Kyle Jaeger
Montana marijuana activists said on Friday that official county-level data shows theyve collected enough valid signatures to qualify two legalization measures for the November ballot. Despite signature gathering setbacks caused by the coronavirus pandemic, New Approach Montana says its revised petitioning strategy paid off and they managed to amass enough valid submissions for both their statutory cannabis legalization measure and a separate constitutional amendment that would make a technical change stipulating that only those 21 and older could participate in the market..... View more in new window

Marijuana Business Daily | 7/17/2020
Rhode Island medical cannabis regulators started accepting applications Friday for six potentially lucrative dispensary licenses, a move that will triple the number of retail outlets for the $60 million-plus market. With only three dispensaries now licensed, the state ranks at the top of the U.S. in terms of patients per dispensary, according to the recently released Marijuana Business Factbook despite Rhode Island having only roughly 18,000 patients. That situation prompted regulators to announce in March they would issue additional licenses for six MMJ dispensaries. .... View more in new window | 7/17/20

California marijuana felonies are at the lowest level since 1954, Argentina moves to make its medical marijuana program more patient-friendly, and more.
California Felony Marijuana Arrests Decline After Legalization, But Racial Disparities Persist. Felony marijuana arrests continued to decline in the wake of legalization, dropping from 1,617 in 2018, the first year of broad legalization, to 1,181 last year, a decline of 27 percent. But minorities remained subject to disproportionate arrests, with Hispanics accounting for 42 percent, Blacks for 22 percent, and whites at 21 percent. The percentage of Black and Hispanic arrests ``is troubling, especially now that we`ve legalized it,`` said Ellen Komp, deputy director of the Ca.... View more in new window

| Jul 14th

TG Branfalt

Canadas Northwest Territories has reduced the price of cannabis products by 10 percent in hopes of curbing the unregulated market.
The government of Canadas Northwest Territories has reduced the price of all cannabis products by 10 percent hoping the price drop will help legal sellers compete with the unregulated market. The Northwest Territories Liquor and Cannabis Commission said it has a better understanding of the operating costs associated with the distribution and sale of cannabis two year after cannabis was legalized federally, and the agency is confident it can reduce cannabis prices while continuing to maintain a safe and secure retail regime. Caroline Wawzonek, the Northwest Territories Mini.... View more in new window

NORML | July 14, 2020

Paul Armentano
The percentage of chronic pain patients using cannabis therapeutically is increasing, according to data published in the journal Advances in Therapy. Investigators affiliated with Harvard Medical School assessed trends in cannabis use among pain patients in a nationally representative sample during the years 2011 to 2015. Authors reported, Over the course of our study, we identified a significant and progressive increase in the number of patients using cannabis. In patients with chronic pain, cannabis use more than doubled during this period. They reported that the aver.... View more in new window | July 14, 2020

Kyle Jaeger
The governor of New Jersey said on Tuesday that legalizing marijuana could simultaneously help the state recover economically from the coronavirus pandemic while also promoting racial justice. During an interview on the radio program Jim Kerr Anytime, Gov. Phil Murphy D recognized that the state is going to need to be innovative to generate revenue amid the health crisis. A co-host said cannabis could be part of the solution and the governor agreed. As you probably know, Ive been on that from day one. The legislature hasnt been able to get there yet, but absolutely. Thats.... View more in new window | July 14, 2020

Phillip Smith
With signature-gathering deadlines now past nearly everywhere, the picture of where voters will have a chance to vote on drug reform initiatives becomes clearer -- although not yet finalized because state officials are still counting petitions in some cases. Marijuana legalization will be on the ballot in at least two states and as many as four states and ditto for medical marijuana. Groundbreaking initiatives on psychedelic policy and drug decriminalization will also go before voters. Voters in a number of states will have the chance to weigh in on drug reform initiatives.... View more in new window | 7/13/20

Phillip Smith
Democratic task forces working on the party platform have settled on rescheduling and decriminalizing marijuana but not legalizing it, the Justice Department rips a Massachusetts dope squad for its resort to excessive force, Canadian police chiefs call for drug decriminalization, and more. The Oregon therapeutic psilocybin initiative has qualified for the ballot. Creative Commons Marijuana Policy Proposed Democratic Platform Calls for Marijuana Decriminalization and Descheduling. Task forces charged with drafting the Democratic Party platform are calling not for the tot.... View more in new window

| July 9, 2020

Jeff Smith
Pennsylvanias medical cannabis market, praised for its smooth operation, is expected to nearly double to $400 million-$500 million in sales this year and reach $1 billion in sales within three or four years. Buoyed by the markets success, current licensees have become acquisition targets even in the current tough economic climate with deal prices moving north of $25 million in some cases, experts say. High Purity Extractions Pennsylvania, the fifth-most-populated state in the country, also is increasingly viewed as a market poised to legalize recreational marijuana. Tha.... View more in new window

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