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The Joint Blog | June 5, 2019

Anthony Martinelli

According to a new study, drivers who test positive for THC do not possess a significantly increased risk of being responsible for a non-fatal motor vehicle accident.
For the study, researchers at the University of British Columbia compared the likelihood of crash responsibility in drivers testing positive for THC and/or other substances as compared to drug-free drivers over a six-year period 2010 to 2016. As reported on by NORML, the state found that, In this multi-site observational study of non-fatally injured drivers, we found no increase in crash risk, after adjustment for age, sex, and use of other impairing substances, in drivers with THC<5ng/ml. For drivers with THC>5ngml there may be an increased risk of crash responsibility, b....
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The Weed Blog | Jun 7, 2019
 Kirsten Gillibrand announced her plan for nationwide cannabis legalization this week.
Leah Maurer
Kirsten Gillibrand has been making waves in the political discussions happening in America, both as the U.S. Senator from New York and now as a Democratic Candidate for president. If you weren`t already taking a look at what she is working toward, you should be now as this week she revealed her plan to fully legalize cannabis nationwide, stating, ``It`s 2019. Let`s legalize it. Aside from fully legalizing recreational/adult-use and medical cannabis, Gillibrand`s plan would expunge all nonviolent marijuana convictions and work on the medical and economic opportunity of thi....
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Marijuana Moment | May 28, 2019
 Marijuana Banking Bill Has A Chance In The Senate, Republican Lawmakers Say

Natalie Fertig
Some Republican senators say there is a chance that Sen. Mike Crapo R-ID, who chairs the Senate Banking Committee, will schedule legislation aimed at increasing marijuana businesses access to financial services for a hearing in his panel if it passes the House of Representatives. Sens. Kevin Cramer R-ND and Rand Paul R-KY both told Marijuana Moment they discussed the cannabis banking legislation with Crapo and are hopeful he will bring the bill forward. Ive talked with Senator Crapo about it, said Sen. Paul. I think theres a good chance theyre going to bring it up. The p....
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NPR | May 22, 2019
 For Military Members, Cannabis Still Off Limits Despite Growing Legalization
Dan Boyce
Ten states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana. But it`s still not legal for active military servicemen and women. Colorado Public Radio`s Dan Boyce ATBoyceDan reports on the tension that produces for members of the military stationed in places where cannabis is legal.....
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Marijuana Moment | May 27, 2019
 TSA Updates Marijuana Rules To Allow Hemp-Derived CBD On Flights

Kyle Jaeger
The Transportation Security Administration TSA updated its policy on cannabis over the Memorial Day weekend, changing the medical marijuana section of its What Can I Bring? webpage from reading no to yes with special instructions. Specifically, the agency is clarifying that hemp-derived CBD products may now be carried on planes under certain circumstances. Previously, TSA made no distinction between marijuana and hemp-derived preparations and warned on its website that cannabis products cannot be taken as carry-on items or in checked bags. But since the 2018 Farm Bill fed....
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NORML | 5/24/19
 Weekly Legislative Roundup 5/24/19

Carly Wolf
An activist group in North Dakota filed paperwork to begin petitioning for another adult use marijuana legalization ballot initiative in 2020. The group then withdrew the measure so they can amend the language. Members of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission have decided to advance plans to regulate social marijuana use facilities. Governor Jared Polis D of Colorado signed legislation into law that allows physicians to recommend medical cannabis for any condition for which an opiate would otherwise be prescribed. Legislation that would have removed the threat of....
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Marijuana Moment | May 24, 2019
 GOP Congressman Exposes Flaws In VA Marijuana Research Projects

Kyle Jaeger
Rep. Matt Gaetz R-FL emphasized the importance conducting clinical trials on medical marijuana at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs VA on Tuesday, a topic on which he has often focused. He also criticized the catch-22 of VA cannabis research, arguing that while the department is able to conduct clinical trials on marijuana, it doesnt effectively publicize those studies, leaving veterans who might be interested in participating in the dark. The congressman started by asking whether Mike Colston, director of mental health policy and oversight at the Department of Defe....
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The Joint Blog | May 22, 2019
 California is Moving Forward With a Plan to Establish Marijuana Banks

Anthony Martinelli

The Associated Press is reporting that California is quickly moving forward with a plan to establish a system of banks to work with the marijuana industry which is legal under state law, but illegal under federal law.
Given that legal marijuana businesses are shut out of the traditional banking system by federal laws, proponents of the new push argue that they would benefit if the state approves a measure creating a special class of banks to handle pot money. The state Senate voted 35 to 1 on Tuesday to pass a bill that would allow people to start banks and credit unions that could accept cash deposits from marijuana retailers. Those banks could issue special checks to the retailers that could only be used for certain purposes, including paying taxes and California-based vendors. Stat....
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The Joint Blog | May 20, 2019
 Vermont and New Hampshire May Delay Votes on Marijuana Proposals

Anthony Martinelli

Marijuana legalization measures in both Vermont and New Hampshire have hit a roadblock, reports the Associated Press.
In Vermont, marijuana has been legal since July 1, 2018, when a lawmaker-approved measure took effect. However, the law established no legal means of actually purchasing marijuana they are the only state to legalize marijuana without allowing marijuana retail outlets. The Vermont Senate passed a tax and regulate proposal earlier this session, as noted by the AP, but it wont be acted upon in the House before January. Meanwhile, a legalization bill in New Hampshire could end up similarly delayed. We need to get a tax and regulated system as soon as possible, not necessarily....
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Marijuana Policy Project | May 17, 2019
 Del.: Cannabis legalization bill has been introduced

Yesterday, Representative Ed Osienski introduced a bill to legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis for adults 21 and older in the First State. Email your state legislators today and urge them to legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis for adults 21 and older Last year, the legalization bill fell short of the needed supermajority 25 votes in the House of Representatives to pass though it did garner majority support. However, several new lawmakers were elected in the 2018 general election. Now, it is time for Delawareans to pressure the General Assembly this legislative session....
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NORML | May 19, 2019
 Massachusetts: State Regulators Grant Initial Approval To Social Use Spaces

Paul Armentano
Members of the states Cannabis Control Commission have decided to advance plans to regulate social marijuana use facilities. Regulators voted 3 to 2 in favor of the proposal, which seeks to establish a pilot program in up to a dozen self-selected cities throughout the state. However, implementing the plan will require additional legislative action from lawmakers. To date, only Alaska has enacted statewide regulations governing on-site marijuana consumption sites. Similar legislation to establish marijuana hospitality spaces is before the Governor of Colorado. Earlier this....
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Marijuana Business Daily | 5/17/2019
 Adult use in NJ a no-go for now, AR medical cannabis sales launch, new states allow edibles & more

New Jersey legislators abandon their current efforts to legalize recreational cannabis, Arkansas finally sees first medical marijuana sales, MJ-infused edibles expand into new states plus other important news from around the industry. No-go in NJ Garden State lawmakers conceded this week that legalizing adult-use marijuana isnt going to happen via a legislative move in the near term, setting the stage for a potential voter referendum in 2020. But the state has a Plan B: Expand a medical marijuana program that has gained plenty of traction since Gov. Phil Murphy took ....
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Marijuana Moment | May 15, 2019
 Oregon Senate Votes To Legalize Interstate Marijuana Imports And Exports

Kyle Jaeger
The Oregon Senate passed a landmark bill on Wednesday that would let the governor make agreements with other states to provide for the exportation and importation of marijuana products across state linesbut it will only go into effect if the federal government changes its own policies to allow such activity. Oregon senators approved the legislation in a 19 to 9 vote, and it now heads to the House. Producers, wholesalers and researchers would be able to take cannabis across state lines if the government forges an agreement with the receiving state. There would also be requ....
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The Joint Blog | May 14, 2019
 Arkansas First Ever Medical Marijuana Dispensary Now Open

Anthony Martinelli
It took 2.5 years after voters legalized the medicine, but Arkansas first medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors on Saturday, reports the Associated Press. Doctors Orders RX in Hot Springs was the first dispensary to be officially licensed by the state, and it is currently the only one operating. It sold marijuana to a patient Friday to test its software and officially opened Saturday. Two and a half years after Arkansans voted to legalize medical marijuana, qualifying patients could begin buying the product Saturday morning when the states first dispensary opened,....
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Smell The Truth | May 13, 2019
 Europe takes the lead in smokable hemp production

Oscar Pascual
Business Health Lifestyle Legal Activism Science Reviews Europe takes the lead in smokable hemp production By Oscar Pascual on May 13, 2019 at 8:44 AM While American cannabis production leans towards industrial use, a handful of European businesses are selling hemp as a low-THC alternative to smokable cannabis. Hemp farmers based in Switzerland are slowly supplying the rest of Europe with hemp flowers containing low percentages of marijuanas psychoactive ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol THC. These hemp strains are cultivated to ensure the level of THC does not exc....
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