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Marijuana Moment | May 2, 2019
 Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales Approved By Vermont House Committee

Kyle Jaeger
A bill that would legalize marijuana sales in Vermont cleared a House committee on Thursday. The tax-and-regulate legislation was approved by the Senate in March following several committee votes in that body. Its first stop in the larger chamber was the House Committee on Government Operations, which approved the bill, with some changes, in a 10-1 vote. Last year, Vermont became the first state to legalize cannabis through the legislature, as opposed to a citizen-led ballot initiative. But lawmakers declined to include provisions allowing marijuana to be purchased from a....
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Marijuana Moment | May 1, 2019
 Bills Allowing Marijuana Deliveries And Tasting Rooms Head Toward Colorado Governors Desk

Kyle Jaeger
A bill that would allow marijuana deliveries in Colorado is heading to the governors desk following a final vote in the Senate on Wednesday. And separate legislation providing for cannabis tasting rooms could be soon to follow. If signed into law, the two bills would represent some of the most significant expansions of the states legal cannabis program since voters approved legalization in 2012. The Senate votes on the House-passed legislation came just days before the end of the 2019 legislative session. The cannabis home delivery bill passed the Senate in a 20 to 14 vote....
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The Joint Blog | April 30, 2019
 The New York City Council has passed landmark legislation that would allow most job-hunters to avoid a drug test for marijuana.

Anthony Martinelli

The City Council passed the measure, which would ban pre-employment testing for marijuana, on Tuesday, reports the Associated Press. The measure now moves to the desk of Mayor Bill de Blasio. According to supporters of the measure , which would be the first proposal of its kind to be passed into law, would knock down a barrier that blocks people from jobs because of private behavior, not professional ability. Supports also note that marijuana can show up on a drug test days, or sometimes longer, after the high wears off. If you ingest weed in whatever manner a month ago,....
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Stop the Drug War | May 02, 2019
 Chronicle AM: Trump VA Rejects Vets` MedMJ Bills, Philippines Drug War Called Out, More... 5/2/19

The Trump VA rejects medical marijuana bills for veterans, DC`s mayor unveils a bill to allow for taxed and regulated marijuana sales, the Louisiana legislature is moving on medical marijuana issues, the Philippines is in the hot seat as global harm reductionists gather, and more. Sending a message to Duterte. Steve Forrest/HRI/Workers` Photos Marijuana Policy Alaska Regulators Approve Draft Changes for Onsite Consumption. The Marijuana Control Board has given initial approval to draft changes in the state`s recently-approved onsite consumption regulations. The new dra....
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Seeking Alpha | Apr. 30, 2019
 Florida`s Marijuana `Cartel` Ends With Issuance Of 57 More Licenses
James V. Baker James V. Baker
Summary During his gubernatorial campaign Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has called Florida`s seed-to-sale system a state-sponsored ``cartel`` that must end. Florida`s 2nd Judicial Circuit ruled that restrictions imposed in the 2017 state marijuana law thwarted the will of the people and was unconstitutional. As of April 26, 2019 Florida had 213,871 qualified patients with ID cards to receive medical marijuana. On the above date there were 14 approved Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers or MMTCs in Florida authorized to grow, process and sell medical marijuana. On April....
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Marijuana Policy Project | Apr 29, 2019
 Developments in Michigans adult-use and medical marijuana programs

Kate Zawidzki
The Marijuana Policy Project led the successful 2018 campaign to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in Michigan. Since voters approved Prop 1 last November, Michigans marijuana landscape has seen significant changes. A few recent updates are worth bringing to your attention. In March, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive order establishing the Marijuana Regulatory Agency within the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. The new agency will soon replace the controversial Medical Marihuana Licensing Board, which held its final meeting last week. Rea....
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NORML | April 26, 2019
 Michigan: State Supreme Court Rules Police Search Of Passengers Personal Property Is Unconstitutional

Paul Armentano
The warrantless search of a passengers personal property during a traffic stop is unconstitutional, according to a ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court. The judgement overturns a 2007 decision that barred passengers from challenging similar searches by members of law enforcement. Justices unanimously opined that the drivers voluntary consent to allow the police to search her vehicle did not extend to the passengers personal belongings. They determined: In this case, defendant had a legitimate expectation of privacy in his backpack. Defendant asserted a clear possessory int....
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The Joint Blog | April 29, 2019
 According to Canadian law enforcement agencies, there has been no noticeable increase in arrests for driving under the influence of marijuana since the nation legalized the plant for everyone 18 and older.

Anthony Martinelli

According to Canadian law enforcement agencies, there has been no noticeable increase in arrests for driving under the influence of marijuana since the nation legalized the plant for everyone 18 and older.
A survey by the Canadian Press of the countrys police forces has found that most have seen no rise in DUI cannabis arrests, reports High Times. [M]ost police departments are still really focusing on the drugs that we know that are killing people, the opiates and methamphetamines that are causing major concerns across the country, says Chief Constable Mike Serr, who is co-chairperson of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Polices drug advisory committee. Many departments which took part in the survey said they had actually recommended less charges for driving while und....
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Marijuana Moment | April 24, 2019
 Alabama Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Bill

Kyle Jaeger
An Alabama Senate committee approved a bill to legalize medical marijuana on Wednesday, the second major victory for cannabis reform supporters in the state within the span of a week. The legislation would allow patients 19 and older who are suffering from one of 33 conditions to qualify for medical marijuana and obtain it at licensed dispensaries. It would also establish a commission responsible for licensing cultivators, distributors and retailers and also approving medical cannabis cards for patients. Conditions that qualify patients for legal marijuana access include ....
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Stop the Drug | April 24, 2019
 With Marijuana Policy and Democratic Presidential Candidates, Joe Biden is the Odd Man Out
Joe Biden`s drug warrior past may come back to haunt him.
Joe Biden`s drug warrior past may come back to haunt him.
(image:Creative Commons)
The ever-swelling field of Democratic presidential contenders has plenty of things to disagree about and plenty of issues where candidates can try to set themselves apart from the pack. But on the issue of marijuana policy, support for some form of marijuana legalization is almost universal. Joe Biden`s drug warrior past may come back to haunt him. Creative Commons With one glaring exception: Joe Biden. The former vice-president already leads the polls even though he has not formally announced -- that is expected to happen this week -- but his history as a drug warrior and....
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The Canadian Press | April 23, 2019
 Albertans can now buy medical marijuana online from Shoppers Drug Mart

Medical cannabis users in Alberta can now get their therapeutic pot from Shoppers Drug Mart, with the retail giant opening its second online platform Tuesday in the western province as it pursues the growing market. The launch follows the January debut of Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario, where the company says uptake ``has been strong.`` As in Ontario, the Alberta platform touts ``expert advice and counsel from trusted health-care professionals,`` including tips on the purported health properties of various strains, proper dosages and titration techniq....
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Marijuana Moment | 4/23/2019
 Marijuana Legalization Bill Debated In New Hampshire Senate Committee

Kyle Jaeger
A New Hampshire Senate committee held a hearing on Tuesday to discuss a bill to legalize marijuana that was approved by the full House of Representatives earlier this month. Rep. Renny Cushing D, the chief sponsor of the legislation, kicked off the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with a presentation laying out details about how the proposed commercial cannabis system would operate. Its a really good bill that fits New Hampshire. As I mentioned, times are changing, Cushing said. We are surrounded by states and jurisdictions where cannabis is legal for adult, recreationa....
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Marijuana Moment | April 18, 2019
 People Could Use Marijuana In Public Housing Under New Congressional Bill
Kyle Jaeger
People living in federally assisted housing would be allowed to use marijuana in compliance with state law under a bill introduced by Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton D-DC on Thursday. Current law prohibits those who use a federally illicit substance from being admitted into public housing, and landlords are able to evict such individuals. The congresswomans legislation is designed to protect people living in public housing or Section 8 housing from being displaced for using cannabis in states that have legalized for medical or adult use. Individuals living in federally funded ....
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NORML | 4/20/19
 Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/20/19

Carly Wolf
At the state level, Governor Brian Kemp R signed legislation into law to facilitate regulations governing the licensed production and distribution of oils and other products containing limited amounts of plant-derived THC. Governor Laura Kelly D of Kansas signed industrial hemp production legislation into law. A decriminalization bill was defeated in the Missouri House of Representatives this week. At a more local level, The city commissioners of Daytona Beach voted to decriminalize up to 20 grams of marijuana possession. Following are the bills that weve tracked this w....
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| April 17, 2019
 Alabama Senate Committee Unanimously Passes Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

Anthony Martinelli
The Senate Judiciary Committee recently voted 11 to 0 to pass the marijuana decriminalization bill, sending it towards a vote by the full Senate. The vote marks a massive shift increase in support from just last year, when the committee passed the measure 6 to 4 though it eventually stalled in the House. If passed by the full Senate, the measure would then need to pass the House of Representatives before it can be sent to Governor Kay Ivey R for consideration. Under the proposed law, those caught possessing no more than an ounce of marijuana would be hit with, at most, a $....
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