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The Canadian Press | April 23, 2019
 Albertans can now buy medical marijuana online from Shoppers Drug Mart

Medical cannabis users in Alberta can now get their therapeutic pot from Shoppers Drug Mart, with the retail giant opening its second online platform Tuesday in the western province as it pursues the growing market. The launch follows the January debut of Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario, where the company says uptake ``has been strong.`` As in Ontario, the Alberta platform touts ``expert advice and counsel from trusted health-care professionals,`` including tips on the purported health properties of various strains, proper dosages and titration techniq....
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NORML | 4/20/19
 Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/20/19

Carly Wolf
At the state level, Governor Brian Kemp R signed legislation into law to facilitate regulations governing the licensed production and distribution of oils and other products containing limited amounts of plant-derived THC. Governor Laura Kelly D of Kansas signed industrial hemp production legislation into law. A decriminalization bill was defeated in the Missouri House of Representatives this week. At a more local level, The city commissioners of Daytona Beach voted to decriminalize up to 20 grams of marijuana possession. Following are the bills that weve tracked this w....
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NORML | April 12, 2019
 Weekly Legislative Roundup 4/12/19

Carly Wolf
Welcome to the latest edition of NORMLs Weekly Legislative Roundup At the state level, a bill to allow licensed social consumption spaces in Oregon was defeated for this year. A bill to allow patients to use medical cannabis while on probation or parole died in Montanas state Senate. At a more local level, the city council of New York City approved a pair of municipal bills this week limiting situations where those seeking employment or on probation may be drug tested for past cannabis use. Following are the bills that weve tracked this week and as always, check NORMLs ....
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The Joint Blog | April 9, 2019
 Bipartisan STA TES Act Reintroduced, Would Limit Federal Governments Ability To Interfere State-Legal Marijuana Businesses

Anthony Martinelli

The STA TES Act, which would protect marijuana businesses which are legal under their states law, has been reintroduced in the United States Congress.,
Senators Elizabeth Warren D-MA and Cory Gardner R-CO, along with Representatives David Joyce R-OH and Earl Blumenauer D-OR, have reintroduced The Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States STATES Act of 2019, reports NORML. This Act amends the Controlled Substances Act to reduce the number of instances in which federal law enforcement agencies could carry out legal actions against state-licensed cannabis businesses or other related enterprises. The majority of states now regulate either the medical use or the adult use of marijuana. It is time for the fede....
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Stop the Drug War | April 12, 2019
 Chronicle AM: Bipartisan Federal Pot Banking Bill Filed, Texas MedMJ Hearings, More... 4/12/19


Some 20 senators sign on to a bill to solve legal marijuana`s banking problem, a Maine jail appeals a federal court ruling that it must provide Suboxone to a prisoner, and more.
Marijuana Policy Bipartisan Federal Bill Would Open Banks to Pot Businesses. Sens. Jeff Merkley D-OR and Cory Gardner R-CO, along with 18 other cosponsors, filed legislation Thursday that would shield banks that maintain accounts for marijuana businesses from being punished by federal regulators. The Secure and Fair Enforcement SAFE Act would stop federal agencies from being able to ``prohibit, penalize, or otherwise discourage a depository institution from providing financial services to a cannabis-related legitimate business or service provider or to a State, political s....
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Denver Post | April 11, 2019
 Colorado issues public health advisory after pesticide found on certain marijuana products

Sam Tabachnik

Affected products include: marijuana flower, trim, concentrates, and infused-products
The Colorado Department of Revenues Marijuana Enforcement Division on Thursday warned that marijuana products from a local retailer could potentially contain harmful chemicals, calling the products a threat to public safety. State health and marijuana departments issued an immediate health and safety advisory on medical and retail marijuana cultivated by MMJ America Uptown, the department of revenue said in a news release. The advisory cited potentially unsafe pesticide residue on marijuana flower, trim, concentrates and infused-products. Consumers who have these affecte....
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Marijuana Policy Project | Apr 12, 2019
 Hawaii: Restrictive decriminalization bill heads to Senate floor

Last week, the Senate Committee on Ways and Means voted to pass a bill that would decriminalize marijuana possession in the Aloha State making possession of three grams or less punishable by a $30 fine. The bill will now head to the Senate floor. An earlier version of the bill, HB 1383, was already approved by the full House. While the Senate amendment improved the bill by reducing the fine, HB 1383 still only decriminalizes possession of up to three grams, which would be the smallest amount of any decriminalization or legalization state. Typically, decriminalization laws....
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Marijuana Moment | April 11, 2019
 GOP Congressmans Bill Would Let Medical Marijuana Patients Possess Guns

Kyle Jaeger
Medical marijuana patients would be allowed to purchase and possess firearms under a bill recently filed in Congress by Rep. Alex Mooney R-WV. The legislation would amend federal law so that people using cannabis for medical purposes in compliance with state policies would no longer be disqualified when applying to purchase a gun. The law currently states that firearms cannot be sold to a person if theyre an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance. Mooneys new Second Amendment Protection Act would create an exception for medical cannabis patients. Under t....
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Stop the Drug War | April 03, 2019
 Medical Marijuana Update


An Arizona Walmart worker wins a drug testing case, CBD bills are on the move, no edibles for North Dakota, and more.
Alabama Alabama Medical Marijuana Bill Filed. More than a dozen legislators have filed HB 243, the CARE Act, which would create the Alabama Cannabis Commission, establish a patient registry system, and extend an earlier law that allowed the University of Alabama-Birmingham to study the effects of CBD on epileptic patients. This bill would allow for the use of medical marijuana, not just CBD. Arizona Arizona Federal Judge Rules for Medical Marijuana-Using Walmart Worker. An Arizona federal district court judge ruled March 19 that Walmart wrongfully fired a long-time emplo....
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NORML | April 1, 2019
 New York Governor Cuomo Leaves Marijuana Legalization Out of State Budget
Sixty-five percent of New York residents support the legalization of cannabis. Democrats control the Governors office as well as majorities in both the Assembly and the Senate for the first time in a decade. After repeated calls over by politicians to pass adult-use as part of New Yorks budget, New Yorkers are waking up on April 1st to find out that theyve been the subject of, what looks like, an April Fools Day prank, several months in the making. Cannabis legalization was not included in the 2019 2020 New York State Budget. Both the legislature and the Governors office,....
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Marijuana Business Daily | April 1, 2019
 Marijuana Business This Week: Ontario opens for business, Texas deschedules hemp, NH bill moves to full House & more

GRAND OPENING: Ontarios first legal cannabis retail shops can open for business Monday, but it is unclear how many of the Canadian provinces initial 25 license holders are ready to open their doors. Thats because, as of last week, some remained stuck in the approval process, The Canadian Press reported. Ontario, Canadas largest province by population, is the last in the country to open brick-and-mortar cannabis stores since the country legalized recreational marijuana Oct. 17. Until now, marijuana could be legally purchased in the province only through Ontarios governmen....
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NORML | March 28, 2019
 Marijuana Banking Passes Critical Committee

In the first of what is anticipated to be multiple Congressional votes to address the federal prohibition and criminalization of marijuana, the House Financial Services Committee today voted to advance The SAFE Banking Act, HR 1595, 45-15. Currently, thousands of state-licensed and regulated businesses lack access to the banking industry and are unable to accept credit cards, deposit revenues, or write checks to meet payroll or pay taxes because federal law discourages financial institutions from engaging in such partnerships. This ongoing federal prohibition forces this n....
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Marijuana Moment | March 27, 2019
 House Will Vote To End Federal Marijuana Prohibition Within Weeks, Key Chairman Says

Kyle Jaeger
The chair of a critical House committee said on Wednesday that his panel and the larger body will take up legislation to protect states with legal marijuana from federal intervention in a relatively short time, within the next several weeks, and I think we will have a very strong vote. We will guide it to the House floor for a vote, which I think it will pass with an overwhelming voteDemocrats and I think a lot of Republicans as well, said Rep. Jim McGovern D-MA, whose Rules Committee decides how legislation is handled on the chambers floor. If we have a strong bipartisan ....
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The Joint Blog | March 31, 2019
 Federal Legislation to Allow Banks to Work with State-Legal Marijuana Businesses Advances in the House

Anthony Martinell

Federal legislation that would allow banks and other financial institutions to provide services to marijuana businesses that are legal under their states law has been passed by a key House panel
According to Reuters, the bill would provide sought-after clarity to banks across the country that want to do business with the growing marijuana industry, where companies have struggled to gain access to the financial system. The issue is especially relevant now that 10 states in the U.S. have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes; over 30 have passed some form of medical marijuana legalization. The measure was broadly backed by a mixture of Democrats and Republicans. It now proceeds to the full House, where it is expected to be passed by the Democrat-led chamber ....
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