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Marijuana Moment | February 21, 2019
 Marijuana Companies Urged Governor To Ban Cannabis Home Cultivation, Document Shows

Kyle Jaeger
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo D took marijuana reform supporters by pleasant surprise when he endorsed legalization last year after previously calling cannabis a gateway drug that should remain prohibited. But for advocates, there was at least one major disappointment in store when he got around to revealing the details of his plan: the proposal, unveiled as part of his budget last month, would ultimately include a ban on home cultivation of recreational marijuana. Home growingseen by many as a commonsense policy that ensures access to cannabis for individuals who cant afford....
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Marijuana Moment | February 20, 2019
 Two More Governors Call For Marijuana Legalization During Budget Speeches

Kyle Jaeger
The governors of Connecticut and Illinois both said on Wednesday that legalizing marijuana should be a part of plans to generate revenue for their cash-strapped states. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker D, who campaigned last year on a pro-legalization platform, said that the state needed to embrace some near term reasonableand realisticnew revenue in a speech detailing his budget proposal. Lets begin with this: By legalizing and regulating adult-use cannabis in this legislative session, we will create jobs and bring in $170 million in licensing and other fees in this fiscal ye....
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The Joint Blog | February 20, 2019
 Marijuana Banking Bill Passed by West Virginia House of Delegates

Anthony Martinelli

Legislation that would protect banks who provide services to medical marijuana businesses has been passed by the full West Virginia House of Delegates
House Bill 2538 was overwhelmingly approved by the House, with 89 members voting in favor and just seven voting in opposition. The measure, which was introduced by Delegate Eric Nelson R, now moves to the Senate. Passage in the Senate would put it before Governor Jim Justice for consideration. The Legislature finds and declares that the inability to provide banking services needed to collect and remit the fees, penalties, and taxes authorized under the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act has delayed the implementation and is precluding access by the patients and investment ....
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Marijuana Moment | February 19, 2019
 Where Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Stands On Marijuana

Kyle Jaeger
Sen. Bernie Sanders I-VT is making another run for the Democratic presidential nomination, he announced on Tuesday. From his time as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, to his years in the U.S. Senate, Sanders has established himself as a champion of drug policy reform, particularly when it comes to marijuana. NORML gave the senator an A+ grade based on his legislative track record. And it didnt take long for Sanders to incorporate drug reform into his latest presidential bid. In his announcement video, he reiterated that the government needs to end the destructive war on d....
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Los Angeles Times | Feb 18, 2019
 Californias black market for pot is stifling legal sales. Now the governor wants to step up enforcement
A warden with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife hacks down marijuana plants found growing in a deep ravine in the Sierra Nevada foothills.
A warden with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife hacks down marijuana plants found growing in a deep ravine in the Sierra Nevada foothills.
(image:Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)
Patrick McGreevy
Before he was elected governor, Gavin Newsom was instrumental in legalizing marijuana for recreational use in California. Now, as he settles into office, he faces the challenge of fixing a system that has been slow to bloom. Newsom has urged patience with sluggish growth in the number of state-licensed cannabis businesses, saying he expected that such a complex regulatory system would take at least five years to fully develop. But a new report from the state Cannabis Advisory Committee on the first year of legal pot sales in California says there is problem that require....
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Marijuana Moment | February 16, 2019
 West Virginia House Passes Medical Marijuana Banking Bill

Kyle Jaeger
A bill that provides state protections for banks that deal with medical marijuana revenue was approved overwhelmingly by the West Virginia House of Delegates on Friday. Introduced by Del. Eric Nelson R, the legislation authorizes the state treasurer to open a bidding process for banks and other financial institutions that are willing to process the fees, penalties and taxes collected under the states medical cannabis program. It would also make it so the state government could not prohibit, penalize, incentivize, or otherwise impair financial institutions that accept acco....
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SeattlePI | December 16, 2018 | Seattle
  WSLCB approves new marijuana candy regulations

Zosha Millman

Candy edibles will be permitted in Washington state so long as they aren`t too colorful
Good news edible fans: Washington state will not ban pot-infused candies and gummies after all. But there will be some changes coming to the treats. The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board finalized a policy on Wednesday which limits the colors and shapes that edibles can have, but doesn`t forbid pot-infused candies, like an earlier policy did. Recommended Video As expected, the new rules stipulate that pot companies to avoid bright colors, working instead with a ``standard pantone color book that sets the list of colors and specified ranges within those colors`` f....
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Marijuana Moment | 2/18/19
 Wisconsin Governor Announces Marijuana Reform Plan Details

Kyle Jaeger
Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers D released details about his plan to enact far-reaching marijuana reforms in the state on Monday. Under a budget proposal set to be formally submitted to lawmakers later this month, the governor is calling for medical cannabis legalization and the elimination of penalties for low-level marijuana possession, manufacturing and distribution for amounts less than 25 grams. People with past cannabis convictions could apply to have their records expunged. Watch the governors press conference below: Evers said during the press conference that the propo....
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NORML | February 15, 2019
 Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/15/18
Carly Wolf
Welcome to the latest edition of NORMLs Weekly Legislative Roundup This was a big week for marijuana in Congress. The House Financial Services subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions held a hearing Wednesday to address the lack of access to basic banking services by state-legal marijuana businesses. Also this week Senator Brian Schatz D-HI and Representative Barbara Lee D-CA introduced legislation, The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act, to expand and facilitate medical cannabis access to military veterans suffering from chronic pain, PTSD, ....
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NORML | February 14, 2019 | Richmond, Va
 Bill to Provide Greater Access for Virginia Medical Cannabis Patients Succeeds

enn Michelle Pedini
Virginia Senator David Marsdens SB1719 has passed unanimously through both the House of Delegates and the Senate, and is headed to the governors desk for signature. SB1719 allows registered agents for those patients physically unable to pick up or receive delivery of their medical cannabis, like those in hospice, assisted living facilities, and those who rely on home healthcare providers. This law will ensure that patients who may be physically incapable of picking up these life-changing medicines on their own will have access to them from throughout the Commonwealth, sa....
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NORML | February 14, 2019
 Congressional Hearing On Marijuana Banking Held

Justin Strekal
The House Financial Services subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions held a hearing Wednesday to address the lack of access to basic banking services by state-legal marijuana businesses. Currently, state-licensed marijuana businesses face a web of conflicting regulations and federal prohibitions largely prohibit these businesses from partnering with financial institutions, processing credit cards, and taking standard business deductions. NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano submitted written congressional testimony, which you can read here. NORML P....
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Stop the Drug War | February 14, 201
 In Bid to Blunt Black Market, California Eyes Marijuana Tax Cuts
Steve DAngelo was prescient. As the era of legal recreational marijuana in California began just over a year ago, the East Bay medical marijuana maven expressed concerned that taxes on the newly legal industry were too high. Its going to mean that a significant number of people, less affluent consumers are going to turn to the lower prices of the underground market, he told KPIX 5 on January 1, 2018, the day it became legal in the state. A year later DAngelos concerns have been borne out. The state had estimated that retail marijuana sales would exceed the $3 billion in 2....
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Smell The Truth | February 13, 2019
 Congress looks into allowing banking for marijuana businesses

Oscar Pascual
U.S. lawmakers are once again exploring efforts to allow legal cannabis businesses access to banks. The Democratic-controlled House Financial Services Committee on Wednesday held a hearing to discuss the Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019, also known as the SAFE Banking Act, reports Yahoo Finance. Were trying to examine how outdated banking regulations on the federal level are hindering reform on the state level when it comes to marijuana, said Democratic Congressman Gregory Meeks, chairman of the Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions subcommittee. H....
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NORML | February 13, 2019
 Businesses Need Bank Accounts; Marijuana Shops Included

Justin Strekal
Imagine operating a business without a bank account. Or having to pay each of your employees and vendors in cash. Imagine being forbidden from letting your customers pay for purchases with a credit card, or being able to ask a bank for a small business loan. This is the reality of hundreds of small and medium-sized business owners throughout the country who are engaging in the emerging cannabis marketplace. To date, nine states Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington permit retail sales of recreational marijuana to ad....
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