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The Seattle Times | July 26, 2014
 Pot farmers in state driving a bumpy road to market
Bob Young
The pistils, or white strands that mark the blooming of marijuana flowers, have turned amber, the color of money to the pot farmers inside a Sodo warehouse. Its time for the first harvest of West Seattle Kush by AuricAG, one of the pioneering legal pot growers in Washington state. The team of local guys isnt popping Champagne yet. Drying, curing and crucial lab tests are to come and probably more of the unanticipated problems that have stressed the AuricAG team in their race to market. Theyve worked Fathers Day, Fourth of July, and close to 130 days straight. Finances are short, refrigerators bare, nerves frayed. One recent night, during a full moon, the guys got pretty emotional, said sales director Joby Sewell. They argued about equipment and building problems but the beef was really about exhaustion, S ....
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The Cannabist | JUL 16, 2014
 U.S. House OKs bill that could ease marijuana banking issues
David Migoya
The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday passed by 39 votes a measure that bars treasury and securities regulators from spending money to penalize financial institutions that work with legal marijuana businesses. But they did so without exactly saying banks could openly, and without worry, work with the industry what banks have asked for in writing and without decriminalizing the drug at the federal level. In a separate vote, the House rejected a measure that would ....
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Bloomberg News | July 14, 2014
 Even Pot Dealers Need Insurance. The Problem Is, Where to Get It?
Karen Aho
Pot dealers of yore never had to worry about this, but here it is: Even in states where selling marijuana is legal, pot retailers are finding they cant get standard-issue business insurance. Big insurance companies arent writing policies because the category is so new, its hard to price the risk, Carole Walker, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, told the Denver Business Journal. The fact also remains that the sale and distribution of ....
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