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NORML | April 18, 2018
 Bipartisan Legislation Introduced To Facilitate Medical Cannabis Trials For Veterans

Paul Armentano
United States Rep. Timothy Waltz D-MN, along with over 30 bipartisan co-sponsors, has introduced legislation, HR 5520: The VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act of 2018, to facilitate federally-sponsored clinical research into the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis among veterans. The legislation states: In carrying out the responsibilities of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the Secretary may conduct and support research relating to the efficacy and safety of forms of cannabis on the health outcomes of covered veterans diagnosed with chronic pain, post-traumatic str....
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The Joint Blog | April 19, 2018
 U.S. Senate Minority Leader Announces Measure to Decriminalize Marijuana

Anthony Martinelli

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer D announced today that he will soon be introducing legislation that would decriminalize marijuana across the United States.
In an interview with VICE News Schumer called the legislation long overdue, and said that too many people have been effected by the plants prohibiton. Ill be introducing legislation to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level from one end of the country to the other, said Schumer, who is the leading Democrat in the Senate. Schumers announcement comes just weeks after the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell R announced legislation that would legalize hemp. Ive seen too many peoples lives ruined because they had small amounts of marijuana and served time in jail, muc....
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NORML | April 13, 2018
 GOP Lawmaker: Trump Administration Pledges Non-Interference In Legal Marijuana States

Paul Armentano
Republican Senator Cory Gardner CO says that he has received a verbal commitment from President Donald Trump specifying that the administration will not take action to disrupt marijuana markets in states that legally regulate the substance. Since the campaign, President Trump has consistently supported states rights to decide for themselves how best to approach marijuana, Gardner told the Associated Press. Late Wednesday, I received a commitment from the President that the Department of Justices rescission of the Cole memo will not impact Colorados legal marijuana industry....
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Marijuana Business Daily | April 11, 2018
 Medical marijuana states experience wide spectrum of wholesale prices, supply

Bart Schaneman
The wholesale price and supply situation for various state medical marijuana markets is a mixed bag, with different regulations, patient counts and product availability generating diverse situations. In New Mexico, for example, medical marijuana business owners are experiencing increased demand and rising prices. Elsewhere, however, MMJ business owners are suffering the same fate as their recreational counterparts, namely bloated supplies and sliding prices. New Mexicos situation is unique. Regulators there have capped the number of plants an MMJ business can grow at 450....
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NORML | April 11, 2018
 NORML Responds as Ex-House Speaker Signs On With Marijuana Industry Leader

It has been announced that former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner, along with former Republican Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld, have joined the Board of Advisors for Acreage Holdings, a multi-state corporation operating in the medical and recreational marijuana space. The company holds licenses for dozens of cannabis businesses in the United States. Boehner, in comments to the press, made it clear that he has reversed his long held opposition to marijuana legalization. In an interview with Bloomberg news wire, he stated: Over the last 10 or 15 years, the ....
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The Joint Blog | April 9, 2018
 Californias Chalice Festival to be First to Allow On-Site Recreational Marijuana Use and Sales
Anthony Martinelli

Taking place July 13 to July 15, the California Chalice Festival will be the first in the state to allow recreational marijuana to be sold and consumed on-site.
The festival is slated to take place at the San Bernadino County Fairgrounds in Victorville starting July 13 and going through July 15. Launched in 2014, this years Chalice Festival will feature performances by Bassnectar, Ludacris, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Sizzla Kalonji, Curren$y, Cut Chemist, Pharcyde, and Thriftworks. notes that while past events have catered to medical marijuana users and paraphernalia aficionados, this years event will, for the first time, allow on-site marijuana consumption and purchases for adults aged 21 and older. On-site produc....
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The Cannabist | Apr 6, 2018
 Google and Facebook wont advertise marijuana, even where its legal
Rachel Siegel The Washington Post
As the cannabis industry grows, generating an estimated $10 billion in annual sales, states are increasingly approving medical marijuana programs and passing adult-use laws. But for marketing agencies, marijuana dispensaries and cannabis brands, advertising the pot brings its own hurdles. Online platforms with prime advertising space like Facebook and Google do not allow drug, or drug-related promotions on their sites, leaving a large share of marijuana advertising to blogs and podcasts, newsletters and print media. And while experts say Facebook and Google which control....
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The Washington Post | April 2 | NEW YORK
 Studies link legal marijuana with fewer opioid prescriptions
Malcolm Ritter
Can legalizing marijuana fight the problem of opioid addiction and fatal overdoses? Two new studies in the debate suggest it may. Pot can relieve chronic pain in adults, so advocates for liberalizing marijuana laws have proposed it as a lower-risk alternative to opioids. But some research suggests marijuana may encourage opioid use, and so might make the epidemic worse. The new studies dont directly assess the effect of legalizing marijuana on opioid addiction and overdose deaths. Instead, they find evidence that legalization may reduce the prescribing of opioids. Over-pr....
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The Cannabist | Mar 29, 2018
 Heres how much marijuana youd need to be eligible for the death penalty under federal law
Christopher Ingraham, The Washington Post
Last week Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo encouraging federal prosecutors to seek the death penalty for certain drug trafficking offenses. Federal law allows for capital punishment in drug trafficking cases involving murder or homicide. But the attorney general also specifically called out one provision that allows for capital punishment in cases involving extremely large quantities of drugs. That provision, 18 U.S.C. 3591b1, lays out quantities of drugs that could trigger capital punishment even in the absence of any accompanying violent crime. Experts say ....
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NORML | March 30, 2018
 Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/30/18

Carly Wolf
Welcome to the latest edition of NORMLs Weekly Legislative Roundup I first want to bring your attention to a key development at the federal level. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell R-KY announced that he will introduce a bill to legalize industrial hemp next month. The legislation will not only change hemps status under the law but will also set aside federal funds to support its cultivation. At the state level, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has made dramatic changes to the states regulatory program. Changes include: reduced cost of the medical marijuana regis....
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Smell The Truth | March 29, 2018
 Outgoing VA chief David Shulkin denounced by medical marijuana advocates

Oscar Pascual
Donald Trumps revolving door of a White House staff has actually received some sort of praise after the ousting of former Department of Veterans Affairs chief David Shulkin. Medical marijuana advocates for American veterans are both hopeful and cautious in reaction to President Donald Trumps replacement of Shulkin with White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson, the Cannabist reports. While Shulkin received criticism for his incompetence combined with misappropriation of federal funds during a trip to Europe, the ousted VA chief took heat from several veterans organizations ....
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Marijuana Business Daily | March 21, 2018
 Nothing is going smoothly in Californias regulated marijuana market

John Schroyer
Its been almost three months since the official start of Californias recreational and regulated medical marijuana markets. So, how are things going? Depends on whom you ask. But the general consensus among business owners, advocates, regulators and elected officials is theres still a mountain of uncertainty and troubles ahead before Californias cannabis market truly stabilizes. Nothing is going smoothly, Jackie McGowan, the director of local licensing and business development for Sacramento-based K Street Consulting, said Tuesday at a California Cannabis Industry Asso....
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The Joint Blog | March 23, 2018
 Canadas Senate has voted to pass a marijuana legalization bill through its second reading.

Anthony Martinelli
The Senate passed Bill C-45 yesterday in a 44 to 29 vote. The measure, which would legalize marijuana for everyone 18 and older, passed the House of Commons in November by a vote of 200 to 82. The bill will now go through a third reading in the Senate. If passed, as expected, it will be sent to the Governor General for Royal Assent final approval. If the measure does become law as many anticipate and as Prime Minister Justin Trudea has promised, the possession and personal cultivation of marijuana will become legal for those 21 and older. The measure would establish a sys....
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NORML | March 21, 2018
 New Federal Spending Bill Includes Medical Marijuana Protections

Justin Strekal
As part of the newly proposed appropriations package known as an omnibus bill, a spending restriction upon the Department of Justice from prosecuting state-legal medical marijuana programs will remain in place through the end of September. Known as the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, it explicitly states that federal funds cannot be used to prevent states from implementing their own state laws that authorize the use, distribution, possession or cultivation of medical marijuana. The amendment has been in place since 2014, as part of annual spending bills. Because the pro....
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