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NORML | December 7, 2018
 A NORML Statement on William Barr as Attorney General Nominee

Washington, DC: Today, President Trump announced his intention to nominate former Attorney General William Barr to be considered by the Senate to replace former Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. With every move by the Department of Justice facing intense public scrutiny, maintaining Jeff Sessions policy of reefer madness would be self-defeating, said NORML Political Director Justin Strekal. The movement to end the failed and cruel policy of marijuana criminalization is larger and stronger than ever, supported by a majority of Democrats, Republicans, and non-p....
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The Joint Blog | November 29, 2018
 Marijuana and Marijuana Concentrates Become Legal in Michigan on December 6

The possession of marijuana and marijuana concentrates will become legal in Michigan next week on Thursday, December 6.
Michigans Board of State Canvassers certified the election results for Proposition 1 on Thursday, meaning that key provisions of the initiative will take effect 10 days after, on Decebember 6. Starting that day, those 21 and older in the state will be allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and up to 15 grams of marijuana concentrates. In addition, they will be allowed to grow up to 12 marijuana plants at a private residence. The initiative also legalized marijuana stores, though they wont be open for some time. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs n....
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Stop the Drug | 11/30/18
 Chronicle AM: Harborside Loses Pot Tax Case, Hemp in Final Version of Farm Bill, More... 11/30/18
Pot shops can`t deduct standard business expenses, the US Tax Court ruled in a case Thursday.
Pot shops can`t deduct standard business expenses, the US Tax Court ruled in a case Thursday.
(image:Sonya Yruel/DPA)
The US Tax Court has ruled against Harborside being able to deduct standard business expenses, a hemp provision is in the final version of the farm bill, Mexico and the US disagree over Mexican heroin production levels, and more. Pot shops can`t deduct standard business expenses, the US Tax Court ruled in a case Thursday. Sonya Yruel/DPA Marijuana Policy California Dispensary Loses in US Tax Court. In a decision Thursday, the US Tax Court rejected a bid from Harborside Health Center to be able to declare normal business expenses on its taxes. The court held that Harbors....
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Boston Globe | November 20, 2018 | NORTHAMPTON
 Recreational marijuana sales begin in Massachusetts, first on the East Coast
Dan Adams, Michael Levenson and Felicia Gans
Daquaan Hamilton wasnt about to let a little sleet stop him from making history. On Tuesday morning, the 22-year-old UMass Amherst student and hundreds of other people from around New England rose hours before dawn, bundled up in warm clothing and rain jackets, and made a pilgrimage to this progressive enclave for one reason: to be among the first to legally purchase recreational marijuana in Massachusetts. ADVERTISING The legalization of marijuana is a huge step forward for all of us, and I wanted to be a part of that, said Hamilton. Advertisement He waited outside the ....
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NORML | November 20, 2018
 Massachusetts Marijuana Sales Begin; Rep. Joe Kennedy Supports Legalization

Justin Strekal
Citizens of the Bay State have much to be thankful for this week. On November 20th, just two days before Thanksgiving, adults over the age of 21 were able to legally purchase marijuana in the state of Massachusetts for the first time in over a century. Massachusetts was the first state to enact marijuana prohibition doing so on April 29th, 1911. Voters decided in favor of repealing the ban in November 2016. This signal to open retail marijuana establishments marks a major milestone for voters who approved legal, adult-use cannabis in our state, Commission Chairman Steve....
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The Oregonian | Nov 16 2018
 Oregon marijuana prices plunge and sales soar

Rampant overproduction in Oregons market for legal, recreational marijuana has produced a 50 percent decline in prices, according to state economists. That widely documented collapse has been hard on farmers and retailers but a boon for consumers. A new state analysis finds the price collapse sparked a big uptick in marijuana purchases and a corresponding increase in associated tax revenue. Lower prices are helping to drive the volume of sales higher and induce black and medical market conversions into the legal, recreational market, according to Josh Lehner of the Oreg....
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The Joint Blog | November 16, 2018 Facebook Twitter Reddit Google Pinterest
 The first legal recreational marijuana sales in Massachusetts will take place on Tuesday, November 20

Anthony Martinelli
Two marijuana retail outlets were given the green light today to begin selling recreational marijuana next week. New England Treatment Access in Northampton and Cultivate Holdings in Leicester will become the first outlets to sale marijuana as part of the states legalization initiative passed by voters in 2016. Both stores, which were given the go-ahead to open in three days by the Cannabis Control Commission, say they will open their door to recreational marijuana customers the morning of November 20. New England Treatment Access plans to open at 8 a.m., while Cultivate H....
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The Joint Blog | November 15, 2018
 New Jersey Lawmakers to Vote on Marijuana Legalization This Month Says Senate President and Assembly Speaker

Anthony Martinelli

New Jersey lawmakers will vote later this month to advance legislation that would legalize marijuana, says Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and Senate President Steve Sweeney.
On Wednesday at the state League of Municipalities annual conference in Atlantic City Coughlin said he has enough in committee to pass a measure that would legalize marijuana for everyone 21 and older. Speaking after Coughlin, Sweeney said he agrees with Coughlins timeline, but noted that he needs help from Governor Murphy to lobby votes; Murphy made legalizing marijuana one of his primary platforms in his successful run for governor last year, evening going as far as vowing to legalize marijuana in his first 100 days a timeline which has passed, though most people dont hol....
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The Oregonian | ASTORIA
 Some Oregon pot stores consolidating to weather weak market

The Associated Press
Signs for Mr. Nice Guy, an ode to the 1998 stoner comedy ``Half Baked,`` recently began popping up in Astoria. The Daily Astorian reports that the marijuana retailer has merged with a sister company, Hi Cascade, absorbing its location at the foot of the South Slope. Mr. Nice Guy will open another store next month on Bond Street downtown. The new addition to Astoria`s growing number of marijuana stores is also part of a trend toward consolidation, as many shops try to weather a weak market, sometimes taking on outside investment capital. Will Wiedenmann, an assistant dire....
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| November 14th, 2018
 N.H. voters send prohibitionists packing

Kate Zawidzki

Election results put legalization on the agenda for 2019
Last week, New Hampshire voters sent a strong message to Gov. Chris Sununu and the political establishment: its time to end marijuana prohibition Although Sununu a prohibitionist won re-election, his margin of victory over legalization supporter Molly Kelly was smaller than anticipated. Most importantly, the Democratic party which added support for legalization to its platform earlier this year gained control of both chambers of the legislature. The Senate, in particular, promises to be much less hostile to reform advocates in 2019. To illustrate, here are a few senators....
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Stop the Drug | November 14, 2018,
 Chronicle AM: Trump Endorses Prison Reform Bill, Cities Call for MJ Rescheduling, More... 11/14/18

President Trump has given his endorsement to a limited bipartisan prison reform bill, the National League of Cities calls for marijuana rescheduling, and more. President Trump has given his endorsement to the First Step Act. Creative Commons/Gage Skidmore Marijuana Policy National League of Cities Calls For Federal Marijuana Rescheduling. The National League of Cities, representing more than 19,000 cities, towns, and villages across the country, has passed a pair of resolutions on marijuana policy. The first calls on the Trump administration and Congress to ``resolve th....
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 Proposed rule changes could have big impact on Californias cannabis businesses

Joey Pea
The newest draft of Californias permanent marijuana business regulations could, if adopted, produce financial fallout and a licensing logjam for a variety of cannabis companies from edibles makers and retailers to delivery businesses and growers. In particular, the proposed rules released last month by state regulators could: Shrink the revenues of companies that make infused products and concentrates. Sharply reduce the amount of product that cannabis delivery operators can transport. That, in turn, could slow deliveries to the customers of MJ retailers that a....
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NPR | November 14, 2018
 Mexico Hopes To Legalize Marijuana

Carrie Kahn
The party of the incoming Lopez Obrador administration wants to legalize marijuana. The president-elect won`t say what he wants but his incoming interior minister says legalization will lower crime.....
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NORML | November 13, 2018
 Congress: New House Rules Chairman Pledges To Allow Floor Votes On Marijuana-Related Amendments

Paul Armentano
Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern says that he will permit federal lawmakers to debate and vote on marijuana-related amendments when he assumes control of the House Rules Committee in 2019. Unlike my predecessor, Im not going to block amendments for marijuana, he said. Citizens are passing ballot initiatives, legislatures are passing laws, and we need to respect that. Federal laws and statutes are way behind. Representative McGovern replaces outgoing Rules Chair Pete Sessions R-TX, who lost his re-election bid to Democrat Colin Allred. Representative Sessions use....
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