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The Denver Post | 09/14/2014 | Denver
 Promise for pot-banking co-op sees little progress since it was law
David Migoya
Despite 11th-hour success at pressing Colorado legislators to pass a measure that would allow the marijuana industry to create the world`s first pot-banking cooperative, no one has officially attempted to create one. Even with the flurry of international publicity that swirled last spring around the groundbreaking effort one that theoretically would allow pot businesses to band together and form their own banking entity there has been lukewarm interest in giving it a try without first knowing it`s not a useless effort. As such, there hasn`t been a formal application to the federal agency that would have to approve one. But that doesn`t mean nothing`s happening. ``We continue to see some movement, but any specifics and those who are involved is confidential,`` said Andrew Freedman, Colorado`s director of ....
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Arizona Public Media | SEPTEMBER 10, 2014
 Tucson Council Lifts Size Restrictions for Medical Marijuana Cultivation Sites
Maria Ins Taracena
The Tucson City Council has voted to lift zoning restrictions on medical marijuana cultivation sites. Advocates and council members say this can benefit the citys economy. Vicky Puchi-Saavedra, owner of dispensary Earths Healing in Tucsons south side, said Tuesday nights decision will help create jobs and fuel great revenue for the city. Now that cultivation facilities can be bigger than the previous 3,000 square-feet limit, dispensaries are set to expand. It is like trickle ....
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NPR | September 08, 2014
Robert Siegel talks to Michael Botticelli, acting head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, about battling drug abuse at a time when drug laws are changing around the country.
 New Drug Czar Tackles Weed, Prescription Pain Pills
ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: Michael Botticelli brings an interesting personal story to a job that`s reached an interesting moment in its history. He is acting director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy - acting drug czar, for short. President Obama has nominated him to the job permanently. He`s also a recovering alcoholic, sober for 25 years. And he is coordinating national drug policy at a time of rapid changes in state laws controlling marijuana. It`s also a time when....
View more in new window | September 4, 2014 | CLARK COUNTY, Wash
Recreational marijuana retailers claim some growers are working together to keep prices high
 Pot retailers in Clark Co. plan lawsuit against growers
Tim Becker
Sitting inside her half-rehabbed retail space that she hopes will eventually sell legal marijuana, Hallock shared some contents of the lawsuit, which she hasnt even finished writing yet. The charges are unfair competition, anti-trust, and the per se violations are collusion and intent to price fix, she said. The cost of a gram of legal weed in Clark County currently hovers around $35. Meanwhile in Colorado, a gram is only $15. Its a $20 difference that Hallock said starts wit....
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The Cannabist | SEP 8, 2014,
 Washington Cannabis Cup winners: The best sativas, edibles and more
Ricardo Baca
As the Washington Cannabis Cup came to a close on Sept. 7 in Everett, Wash. with an appearance from actor David Arquette and a performance by the Wailers the focus turned to the Cups still-prestigious award show. The full list of 2014 Washington Cannabis Cup winners: BEST U.S. SATIVA 1st Place Super Silver Haze from Life is Good Healing 2nd Place Hawaiian Dutch from Zen Living Cooperative & Just Ice Wax Co-Lab 3rd Place Durban Poison from TJS Organic Gardens BEST U....
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The Oregonian | September 06, 2014
 Pot Power: Indoor cannabis grows could drive big increase in regional electricity demand
Ted Sickinger
Fun fact of the day: Growing four pot plants indoors sucks as much electricity as 29 refrigerators. Regional power planners and utilities are taking note. In fact, the legalization of recreational marijuana in the Northwest could make indoor commercial cannabis cultivation one of the biggest new drivers of electricity demand in the region in coming years, according to new report by staff at the Northwest Power and Conservation Council. And that growth could come on bodacio....
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Associated Press | SEP 2, 2014, | DENVER
 Colorado marijuana growers at odds over revised production caps
Kristen Wyatt
Colorados pot regulators are trying to make sure the states marijuana growers arent producing more pot than they can legally sell a hedge against Colorado-grown pot ending up in states where its not legal. But a new set of marijuana production standards up for public review Tuesday sparked a lively debate and highlighted growing divisions between deep-pocketed industry veterans and people trying to get started in the legal weed business. The production rules are being revi....
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