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NORML | November 27, 2020

House Leadership today posted notice for Congressional consideration of the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement MORE Act, HR 3884, which ends the federal prohibition of cannabis. The MORE Act is scheduled for a floor vote next week. This floor vote represents the first Congressional roll call ever on the question of ending federal marijuana criminalization, said NORML Political Director Justin Strekal. By advancing the MORE Act, the House of Representatives sends an unmistakable signal that America is ready to close the book marijuana prohibition and end t.... View more in new window | November 27, 2020

Kyle Jaeger
A bill to federally legalize marijuana will receive a full floor vote in the U.S. House of Representatives next week, a top Democratic leader in the chamber announced on Friday. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer D-MD said the chamber will take up the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement MORE Act some time between Wednesday and Friday. The floor schedule announcement comes weeks after the leader first confirmed that the House would advance the proposal before the years end. Early in the week, the bill is first expected to go before the House Rules Committee,.... View more in new window | November 27, 2020
Drug decriminalization begins to take hold in Oregon, so we`re going to be seeing less of this.
Drug decriminalization begins to take hold in Oregon, so we`re going to be seeing less of this.
(image:Creative Commons)
The impact of voters choices earlier this month is beginning to be felt, a new poll has New Yorkers ready to legalize marijuana, Vancouvers city council votes to move toward drug decriminalization, and more. Drug decriminalization begins to take hold in Oregon, so were going to be seeing less of this. Creative Commons Marijuana Policy New Jersey Attorney General Orders End to Marijuana Possession Prosecutions. In a Wednesday letter to city, county, and state prosecutors, Attorney General Gurbir Grewal ordered them to put a halt to small-time marijuana possession prosecut.... View more in new window

High Times | November 19, 2020

Addison Herron-Wheeler
Many liberal, New England states have turned to recreational or medical cannabis to bring in some extra revenue, and now, in light of the budget deficit in the state, Rhode Island is talking about legalization as well. Currently, the state is projecting a possible $114.4 million deficit in the states economy, and analysts are getting worried. In response to that, a Senate Finance Committee in the state is considering Democrat Gina Raimondos proposal to allow the sale of cannabis legally within state borders. Under Raimondos plan, dispensaries in the state would be run .... View more in new window | November 20, 2020

Ben Adlin
As more of its neighboring states move to legalize marijuana, Connecticut is increasingly likely to enact the reform itself, incoming House Speaker Matt Ritter D said on Thursday. He put the chances of state lawmakers passing a legalization bill during next years legislative session at 5050., and said that the body should hold a vote on the issue regardless of whether it has enough support to pass. It is now legal in New Jersey, New York is coming, and its legal in Massachusetts, Ritter said at a virtual meeting hosted by a business organization. Connecticut cannot fortify.... View more in new window

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