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The Washington Post | July 12
 New coffee pods promise a two-way buzz: From marijuana and caffeine
Your Keurig cup, kicked up a notch
Your Keurig cup, kicked up a notch
Maura Judkis
Want your morning coffee to come with a little extra buzz? Brewbudz just might do the trick. A company called Cannabiniers on Wednesday launched the Brewbudz, which is the worlds first cannabis infused coffee, tea and cocoa pods. The pods are compatible with all Keurig and Keurig 2.0 brewers, making your morning wake and bake as simple as pushing a button. Brewbudz are available in different dosing strengths from 10 mg to 50 mg of THC, the compound in marijuana that gets you high, in both sativa the strain of cannabis that picks you up or indica the strain that mellows yo....
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The Cannabist | JUL 5, 2017
Cannabist Special Report: CBD, TBD Outcome of lawsuit pitting the hemp industry against the DEA could chart a new course for CBD and a booming new agricultural sector.
 With DEA digging in its heels on marijuana extracts, legality of CBD oil on trial in federal courts
Alicia Wallace
Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound touted for its medicinal promise but marijuana- and hemp-derived extracts rich in CBD and low in intoxicating THC are facing a future yet to be determined. The Cannabists special report CBD, TBD explores a regulatory and legal landscape pockmarked by federal-state conflicts, and examines national drug policy, pioneering research efforts and disparate avenues toward the compounds full legalization. This is the third installment in an ongoing series. Part I Forbidden medicine: Caught between a doctors CBD advice and fede....
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