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NPR | September 7, 2019
 Colombia Is Turning Into A Major Medical Marijuana Producer

John Otis
Patricia Santiago and her family were forced to flee their home near Colombia`s Caribbean coast after complaining about neighborhood dope dealers who, in turn, threatened to kill them. But in an odd twist, Santiago now works in the drug trade at a medical marijuana facility. At first, Santiago felt like she was breaking the law as she pruned and clipped cannabis plants on a plantation run by a Colombian firm called Clever Leaves. However, the government legalized medical marijuana in 2016 and now Clever Leaves is exporting cannabis-based products to Canada and the United ....
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Marijuana Moment | September 5, 2019
 Washington, D.C. Enacts New Employment Protections For Medical Marijuana Patients

Kyle Jaeger
Government workers in Washington, D.C. cannot be punished simply because theyre medical marijuana patients under a local law that was enacted on Wednesday. The legislation, which must still undergo a standard 30-day congressional review before taking effect, stipulates that a public employer may not refuse to hire, terminate from employment, penalize, fail to promote, or otherwise take adverse employment action against an individual based upon the individuals status as a qualifying patient unless the individual used, possessed, or was impaired by marijuana at the individua....
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Marijuana Moment | September 5, 2019
 Medical Marijuana Will Likely Be On Mississippis 2020 Ballot Following Signature Submission

Kyle Jaeger
Mississippi voters will likely have the opportunity to vote on a measure to legalize medical marijuana after activists submitted more than the required number of signatures to qualify for the states 2020 ballot on Wednesday. Though the signatures must still be verified by the secretary of state, Mississippians for Compassionate Care MCC said that after collecting more than 214,000 signatures, county clerks have already certified 105,686which is about 20,000 signatures more than required to qualify. The medical marijuana petition, No. 65, was filed yesterday, a spokesperso....
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Marijuana Policy Project | Sep 03, 2019
 N.H.: Medical program flunks audit, bolstering case for home grow
Kate Zawidzki
Patients have expressed dissatisfaction with New Hampshire`s therapeutic cannabis program from the outset, so it should come as no great surprise that the program has flunked a legislative performance audit. On Sunday, the Union Leader reported that the medical cannabis program received a ``failing grade,`` in part because ``nearly 100 percent of patients fail to receive cards... within a mandated time frame.`` The opponents of allowing home cultivation have frequently argued that the state`s medical cannabis program is fine the way it is, but the performance audit tells a....
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The Joint Blog | September 2, 2019
 Washington State Officials Consider Massive Overhaul of Legal Marijuana Program

Rishi Madan

Washington State legalized marijuana in 2012, and now, nearly seven years later, state officials are proposing laws that would overhaul the legal marijuana system, including legalizing home delivery for patients and boosting minority ownership of marijuana businesses.
Rick Garza, director of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, told the Associated Press that the overhaul is being dubbed Cannabis 2.0. Weve typically been so challenged with the issues of the day we havent been looking out long-term to determine what the future looks like, says Garza, who notes that Cannabis 2.0 is meant to give the state a clearer image of what the marijuana industry will look like in five years and beyond. One issue the board is considering is abandoning the states seed-to-sale marijuana tracking program in favor of a system where businesses ....
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NORML | Paul Armentano
 New York: New Law Reducing Marijuana Possession Penalties Takes Effect Today
Paul Armentano
Legislation reducing marijuana possession penalties and facilitating the expungement of past cannabis convictions took effect today. Assembly Bill 8420-A reduces the penalty for minor marijuana possession violations up to one ounce to a $50 fine. It also amends penalties for offenses involving the possession of more than one ounce but less than two ounces of cannabis from a criminal misdemeanor formerly punishable by up to three months in jail to a non-criminal violation punishable by a $200 fine regardless of an offenders prior criminal history. The new law also amends ....
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NORML | August 30, 2019
  Cannabis Retailers Associated with Drop in Localized Crime
Paul Armentano
The establishment of regulated cannabis retailers is associated with a decrease in localized criminal activity, according to data published in the journal Regional Science and Urban Economics. A pair of senior economists affiliated with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia assessed the local effects of retail dispensaries on neighborhood crime in Denver, Colorado. They determined, [A]n additional dispensary in a neighborhood leads to a reduction of 17 crimes per month per 10,000 residents, which corresponds to roughly a 19 percent decline relative to the average crime ....
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Marijuana Business Daily | August 31, 2019
 Craft cannabis is the marijuana industrys small-batch sector

Omar Sacirbey

August 31, 2019
The cannabis industry is becoming increasingly dominated by big firms, but there still is room for small, craft marijuana producers who peddle high-end products ranging from flower to edibles. In fact, according to advocates of small cannabis businesses, if the sector evolves under the right conditions, craft will be the future of the marijuana sector. Conversely, they say, under the wrong conditions, craft will perish and leave the space to a handful of cannabis conglomerates. We are in danger of rushing into implementation of this large industry so quickly and in such ....
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Democracy Now | Jul 24, 2019
 Sen. Harris and Rep. Nadler Introduce Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris and Congressmember Jerrold Nadler introduced a bill Tuesday that would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level and expunge low-level marijuana offenses. The legislation also invests in communities of color, which have been disproportionately targeted by harsh drug laws. The Drug Policy Alliance praised the bill, saying, Marijuana convictions have disrupted peoples livesfrom ones ability to secure or maintain employment, housing, funds for education, a valid drivers license to the ability to keep ones kids or remain ....
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Marijuana Policy Project | Jul 30, 2019
 N.H.: Home grow bill finally lands on Gov. Sununus desk
Call the governor`s office one last time today and urge him to sign HB 364 Yesterday, after a series of delays, the medical cannabis home cultivation bill was finally delivered to Gov. Chris Sununu`s desk. That means the governor will have until Saturday to sign or veto HB 364, which would allow registered patients and caregivers to cultivate a limited supply of cannabis at home. If he takes no action, the bill will become law without his signature. Please call Gov. Sununu one last time and urge him to sign HB 364 After you call Gov. Sununu, please share this important u....
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NORML | August 2, 2019
 Congressional Lawmakers Introduce the Fair Chance at Housing Act

Kevin Mahmalji
Following a recent trend in Congress to address the collateral consequences associated with a marijuana-related conviction, Senator Kamala Harris and Representative Ocasio-Cortez have introduced the Fair Chance at Housing Act. If passed by Congress, the bill would make it easier for people with criminal records to receive federal housing assistance by prohibiting the use of suspicionless drug and alcohol testing, banning discriminatory 1-strike and no-fault policies and more. As our country continues working toward much-needed reform of our criminal justice system, I am pr....
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NORML | August 2, 2019
 Louisiana: Medical Cannabis Access to Begin Next Week

Paul Armentano
Qualified patients are anticipated to finally begin accessing medical cannabis products next week, according to a statement issued by regulators at the states Department of Agriculture and Forestry LDAF. Lawmakers initially approved the establishment of the states medical cannabis access program in 2015, but its rollout has faced numerous delays. Under the law, licensed cannabis products may only be grown and manufactured by operations affiliated with two of the states universities, LSU and Southern University. Nine pharmacies throughout the state are designated to provide....
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Marijuana Moment | August 1, 2019
 Texas State Police Memo Directs Officers To Stop Marijuana Possession Arrests

Jolie McCullough, The Texas Tribune
Texas largest law enforcement agency is moving away from arresting people for low-level marijuana offenses. Its the latest development in the chaos that has surrounded pot prosecution after state lawmakers legalized hemp this year. As of July 10, all Texas Department of Public Safety officers have been instructed not to arrest people with a misdemeanor amount of the suspected drug less than 4 ounces in possession cases if possible, according to an interoffice memo obtained by The Texas Tribune. Instead, they would issue a citation requiring a person to appear in court an....
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The Joint Blog | July 31, 2019
 New York Governor Signs Bill Reducing Marijuana Penalties, Allows for Expungements

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday signed a bill into law that reduces the penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana, while also allowing for the expungement of some past offenses.
The law which takes effect within 30 days changes an unlawful possession of marijuana statute into a violation thats similar to a traffic ticket, instead of a criminal charge, reports the Associated Press. Under the new law, the maximum penalty is $50 for possessing less than one ounce of pot and a maximum of $200 for between one and two ounces. The law also requires that records tied to low-level marijuana cases be automatically sealed and creates a process for expungement. Communities of color have been disproportionately impacted by-laws governing marijuana for far to....
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