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The Oregonian | Jun 14 | SALEM
 Pot growers win another round in fight against ban in southern Oregon

The Associated Press
The Oregon Court of Appeals has rejected an appeal by administrators of a prime marijuana-growing county who had been foiled in their attempt to restrict commercial pot production. The court dismissed the Josephine County commissioners` appeal Wednesday. The county commission in December tried to ban commercial pot farming on smaller rural residential lots and to drastically reduce larger grow sites. The state Land Use Board of Appeals put those restrictions on hold, saying the county failed to properly notify landowners. It was that ruling that led the county commission....
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Marijuana Business Daily | June 12, 2018
 California cannabis market transition period about to end; price spikes, shortages may occur

John Schroyer
The end of the beginning is coming. The formal end of the six-month transition period for Californias newly regulated marijuana market, that is and it could be a bumpy ride for some MJ business owners. Come July 1, retailers will no longer be able to sell product that hasnt passed testing lab standards mandated by regulators, which will be a serious shift for many companies and could be a major disruptor for retailers, growers and other businesses, such as edibles manufacturers. Some retailers in particular could face supply shortages if: They didnt line up reliable....
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The Joint Blog | June 14, 2018
 Oregon Brings in Nearly $9 Million in Taxes from Legal Marijuana in April

Anthony Martinelli
According to Oregons Department of Revenue, the state garnered $8,868,932 in marijuana sales taxes in April of this year. This marks an over 70 percent increase from April, 2017, when the state brought in a little over $5 million in marijuana taxes. Of the $8.8 million in taxes garnered in April, the vast majority $7.6 million came from Oregons 17 percent state tax on marijuana. The remaining $1.2 million came from local taxes, which can be up to 3 percent. Based in the new figures for April, Oregon is on tract to garner around $100 million in marijuana taxes for 2018, ....
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MG | June 15, 2018 | WASHINGTON, D.C.
 Congressional Committee Declines to Approve Cannabis Banking Regulations

Danny Reed
A congressional committee decided against amending banking rules for the cannabis industry. If enacted, the new regulations would have prevented the U.S Department of Treasury from attempting to penalize a financial institution solely because the institution provides financial services to an entity that is a manufacturer, producer, or a person that participates in any business or organized activity that involves handling marijuana or marijuana products in compliance with state and local law. After considerable debate, the House Appropriations Committee rejected the regula....
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NPR | June 8, 2018 |
 Trump Signals Possible Support For Bipartisan Marijuana Legislation
President Donald Trump steps off Air Force One as he arrives for the G-7 summit in Canada on June 8.
President Donald Trump steps off Air Force One as he arrives for the G-7 summit in Canada on June 8.
(image:Evan Vucci/AP )
Sarah McCammon
President Trump is signaling hes willing to support a move toward the legalization of marijuana, which would be a departure from the position of his attorney general, Jeff Sessions. Sessions has been known for his vocal opposition to marijuana legalization, calling it a very real danger during his Senate confirmation hearing, and saying, Good people dont smoke marijuana. Speaking to reporters as he left the White House Friday morning for the G-7 summit in Canada, Trump said, I probably will end up supporting bipartisan legislation that would give states wide latitude over....
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The Washington Post | June 8
 Congressional Black Caucus seeks to decriminalize marijuana
Kevin Freking
June 8 at 1:20 PM WASHINGTON Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are calling for decriminalizing marijuana use. The group wants the federal government to get out of the prohibition business when it comes to the drug, a position it says is supported by an overwhelming majority of the 48-member caucus. The lawmakers say black communities have been disproportionately policed and convicted for drug offenses. The group says it supports reforms that would reduce the number of black people in prison. Among the reforms they seek is removal of marijuana from the class of....
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The Joint Blog | June 5, 2018
 Marijuana Legalization Initiative Officially Placed on November Ballot in Michigan

An initiative to legalize marijuana in Michigan has been officially placed on this Novembers general election ballot.
After proponents of the initiative submitted well more than the required number of signatures, the legislature was given the option of passing it into law, or placing it on the November ballot. Lawmakers today officially chose the latter option, cementing the opportunity for voters to make their state the 10th to legalizing marijuana for recreational use. If passed into law, the initiative would legalize the possession and personal cultivation of marijuana for those 21 and older, while establishing a system of licensed marijuana retail outlets. The possession limit would ....
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The Joint Blog | June 7, 2018
 Canada Senate Gives Approval to Marijuana Legalization

A bill to legalize marijuana, proposed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has been passed by the Senate through its third and final reading.
The legislation C-45 has already been passed by the House of Commons, but will go back for one final vote on Senate amendments before being sent to the Governor General for Royal Assent final approval. It was passed by the Senate 56 to 30. Once the law takes effect, the possession and cultivation of personal amounts of marijuana will be legal for those 18 and older. The law authorizes licensed marijuana businesses to sell marijuana and marijuana products, and also allows online sales which will be handled similarly to how the country currently allows online medical marij....
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The Joint Blog | June 7, 2018
 New York Assembly Votes to Seal Over 800,000 Marijuana Convictions

Anthony Martinelli
Assembly Bill 2142 would seal the conviction of those arrested for the simple possession of marijuana in public view. This would make such charges not appear on criminal background checks. This would effect over 800,000 people charged over the past 20 years. A companion measure in the Senate SB 03809 recently passed the Codes Committee and is currently in the Judiciary Committee. If the Senate approves the companion measure, it will be sent to the Assembly. If the Senate passes the Assembly-approved measure, it will be sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo for consideration. Cuom....
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Smell The Truth | June 4, 2018
 North Carolina lawmakers consider decriminalizing marijuana

Oscar Pascual
The new North Carolina bill would allow citizens to possess certain amounts of marijuana without having to face major legal consequences. The states Senate Bill 791 and companion House Bill 994 would allow adults to possess up to four ounces for personal use, the Winston-Salem Journal reports. The bills primary sponsor, Sen. Paul Lowe D-Forsyth, introduced the bill in an effort to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. This is heading in the right direction. Currently, North Carolina considers possession of half an ounce or less of a controlled substance to be a Class....
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The Weed Blog | 6/7/2018
 Senate Panel Approves Medical Marijuana for Veterans

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved the amendment, offered by Sen. Steve Daines and Sen. Jeff Merkley.
Just one day after the House Rules Committee, led by prohibitionist Representative Pete Sessions R-TX, blocked multiple amendments related to cannabis from receiving consideration by the full House, a U.S. Senate panel voted on Thursday to allow doctors with the Department of Veterans Affairs VA to issue medical marijuana recommendations to military veterans. Senate Appropriations Committee approved the amendment, offered by Sen. Steve Daines R-MT and Jeff Merkley D-OR, on a voice vote, reported the Marijuana Moment. The measure simply allows veterans to discuss that opti....
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NORML | June 5, 2018
 Study: Majority Of Chronic Pain Patients Replace Opioids With Cannabis

Paul Armentano
More than two-thirds of chronic pain patients registered to legally access medical cannabis products substitute marijuana for prescription opioids, according to data published in The Journal of Headache and Pain. Investigators from the United States and Canada assessed the use of medical cannabis and prescription drugs in a cohort of over 2,000 Canadian patients licensed to access marijuana products. Among those patients with a primary diagnosis of chronic pain, 73 percent reported substituting cannabis in place of opioids. Among those patients diagnosed specifically with ....
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Marijuana Business Daily | June 1, 2018
 Provincial Preview: Newfoundlands cannabis entrepreneurs temper expectations
Matt Lamers
Entrepreneurs are tempering their once sky-high expectations to capitalize on Newfoundlands regulated cannabis sector. The province is the only place east of Manitoba where privately owned businesses will be allowed to sell recreational cannabis. But prospective retailers face a major hurdle: Theyre restricted to an 8 percent markup. Smaller businesses will have a hard time given the strict regulations and high compliance costs, according to Vaughn Hammond, director of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business CFIB. What weve done in this province is shut out small....
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The Joint Blog | June 6, 2018
 Study: CBD Induces Fast and Sustained Antidepressant-Like Effect

Anthony Martinelli

The findings of a new study published in the journal Molecular Neurobiology support a promising therapeutic profile for CBD as a new fast-acting antidepressant drug.
Currently available antidepressants have a substantial time lag to induce therapeutic response and a relatively low efficacy, states the studys researchers, noting that The development of drugs that addresses these limitations is critical to improving public health. Cannabidiol CBD, a non-psychotomimetic component of Cannabis sativa, is a promising compound since it shows large-spectrum therapeutic potential in preclinical models and humans. However, its antidepressant properties have not been completely investigated. Therefore, the aims of this study were to investigate i....
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