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Keystone Canna Remedies

Keystone Canna Remedies
Keystone Canna Remedies
1309 Stefko Blvd
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18017

Medical Marijuana Dispensary
484 408-6122
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Our Mission​Keystone Canna Remedies KCR believes in a care model which allows patients to take an active role in their own health maintenance. We equip physicians, caregivers and medical professionals with the extra knowledge and support structures necessary to insure that patients realize a better quality of life. In achieving this, KCR is led by a diverse group of professionals whose experiences range from medicine and pharmacology, to management and bioethics. We have also established ongoing relationships with medical marijuana experts, who guarantee us access to the latest professional data, research, and field advancements. On both a personal and professional level, our founding partners have witnessed how medical marijuana can ease suffering across a broad spectrum of afflictions. Now, all of us at KCR look forward to sharing this awareness with our patients, caregivers, and their loved ones.
The proper implementation of medical marijuana in a patient care regiment relies heavily on finding your dose. KCR starts this process through consultation. First, we explore safe and effective drug options, then we guide patients through testing different forms and dosages to establish their most effective treatments. Dosing strategies rely on clinical data, as well as our medical professionals experience with successful treatments. KCR believes in a start low, go slow approach. We refer to this as layered micro dosing, increasing the amount of the medicine in small increments to determine the point at which a patient reports alleviated symptoms. We also closely monitor the results of all patient dosing and titration plans and, if necessary, modify them during your return visits to the dispensary.
Updated: 2/22/2018
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