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Vermont Medical Marijuana Dispensary (2)

Vermont Patients Alliance
Montpelier VT
Mission: Scientists, physicians, and nurses, working together with the local business community, organized Vermont Patients Alliance, Inc. as a non-profit corporation for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, to assist and support Vermont patients suffering from debili...
Vermont Patients Alliance

Champlain Valley Dispensary
Burlington VT
Champlain Valley Dispensary, Inc. is a nonprofit business dedicated to providing high quality organic and non organic lab-tested, affordable cannabis to our patients. We aim to treat our patients with respect and educate them about pain management through cannabis treatments and ...
Champlain Valley Dispensary
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Marijuana Policy Project | Jul 01, 2018
 Legalization becomes reality in Vermont

Its a big day. July 1, 2018 will go down in Vermonts history as the day the state officially stopped punishing adults for consuming marijuana. Residents of Vermont are seeing the fruits of our movements tireless efforts to reform harmful and ill-conceived marijuana laws. Adults can now legally possess, consume, and grow limited amounts of marijuana. Read our summary of the law here. MPP was a primary driving force behind this victory and were currently on the front lines of legalizing marijuana in many other states, too. Days like these are powerful reminders of what we....
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| July 1, 2018
 Marijuana Possession and Cultivation Now Legal in Vermont

Anthony Martinelli

Legislation legalizing marijuana in Vermont has officially taken effect.
The new law which took effect at midnight allows those 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana, and grow up to six marijuana plants two of which can be mature. If someone is growing their own, theyre allowed to possess over the one ounce limit. Vermont is the ninth state to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, and the first to do so through the legislature as compared to the initiative process. Unfortunately, Vermont is the first state to legalize marijuana that doesnt allow marijuana retail outlets. Vermont joins Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Neva....
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