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District of Columbia Medical Marijuana Dispensary (3)

Capital City Care,
Washington DC
OUR MISSION- At Capital City Care, we aim to be the premier Provider of Medical marijuana Services and Products for the District of Columbia, giving the citizens who suffer today a better, more natural way to mitigate their suffering and improve their lives
Capital City Care,

Metropolitan Wellness Center
Washington DC

Takoma Wellness Center
Washington DC
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Smell the Truth | August 24, 2017
 Largest veterans group urges Trump, VA to allow medical marijuana

Oscar Pascual
SMELL THE TRUTH BUSINESS HEALTH LIFESTYLE LEGAL ACTIVISM SCIENCE REVIEWS Largest veterans group urges Trump, VA to allow medical marijuana By Oscar Pascual on August 24, 2017 at 4:51 PM Americas largest group of war veterans are pushing for safe, legal access to cannabis for medical use. The American Legion, which represents 2.3 million members, voted on Thursday in favor of urging the Trump administration and the Department of Veterans Affairs to allow patients to discuss medical marijuana and receive recommendations from VA doctors, reports Vice News. U.S. veterans ten....
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DemocracyNow.Org | AUG 03, 2017
 Senate Bill Would End Federal Marijuana Prohibition, Offer Reparations

On Capitol Hill, a newly proposed bill would legalize marijuana on the federal level while withholding federal funds for prisons to states whose marijuana laws disproportionately incarcerate people of color. New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker unveiled the bill in a Facebook Live video, warning of the harsh long-term penalties faced by people convicted on marijuana possession charges. Sen. Cory Booker ``Its so hard to find a job. You cant get business licenses. You cant get Pell Grants. You cant get public housing or even food stamps. So many things are cut off to yo....
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The Joint Blog | August 17, 2017
A federal report has determined that there is currently no evidence-based method of detecting marijuana-impaired driving, despite numerous states having laws in place that find someone guilty of a DUID if they test above a certain THC level.
 Federal Report: No Evidence-Based Methods to Detect Marijuana-Impaired Driving

Anthony Martinelli
A number of states have set a THC limit in their laws indicating that if a suspects THC concentration is above that level typically 5 ng/ml of blood, then the suspect is to be considered impaired, states the report conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA . This per se limit appears to have been based on something other than scientific evidence. Some recent studies demonstrate that such per se limits are not evidence-based. In addition the report also calls into question sweat, hair, saliva and urine testing, stating that there are currently no ....
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Smell the Truth | August 7, 2017
 Jeff Sessions used inaccurate facts to criticize pot legalization, state officials say

Oscar Pascual
Washington state officials are calling out Jeff Sessions for using questionable facts about marijuana. Recent statements from Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson say that Sessions used unreliable statistics to judge the impact of cannabis legalization in Washington, reports Vice News. It is clear that our goals regarding health and safety are in step with the goals Attorney General Sessions has articulated, said Inslee in his personal statement. Unfortunately, he is referring to incomplete and unreliable data that does not provide the most accurate snapshot ....
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