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District of Columbia Medical Marijuana Dispensary (4)

Takoma Wellness Center
Washington DC
At Takoma Wellness Center, we provide qualified, registered patients with a friendly, safe, and professional environment to legally obtain DCs finest strains of medical marijuana.
At Takoma Wellness Center, we provide qualified, registered patients with a friendly, safe, and p...

Takoma Wellness Center

Capital City Care,
Washington DC
OUR MISSION- At Capital City Care, we aim to be the premier Provider of Medical marijuana Services and Products for the District of Columbia, giving the citizens who suffer today a better, more natural way to mitigate their suffering and improve their lives
Capital City Care,

Metropolitan Wellness Center
Washington DC

Takoma Wellness Center
Washington DC

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NORML | November 24, 2021

Legalization opponents cannot succeed in the court of public opinion or at the ballot box, NORMLs Deputy Director Paul Armentano said. Thus, they are now petitioning the courts to overturn the will of the people. Whether or not one supports marijuana legalization, Americans should be deeply concerned by this trend and by the outcome of this case. Fifty-four percent of South Dakota voters decided on Election Day in favor of the ballot measure. However, shortly following the vote, Republican Gov. Kristi Noem facilitated litigation seeking to strike down the law as unconstitu.... View more in new window | November 25, 2021

Kyle Jaeger
The federal government has generally taken a hands-off approach to marijuana enforcement in states that have chosen to legalize the plant. So why did a federal agency recently raid a small, home cannabis garden of a medical cannabis patient living on Indian territory in New Mexico? Thats a question that officials with the Pueblo of Picuris are asking following the Bureau of Indian Affairs BIA raid in September. And the response from the agency, which falls under the Department of the Interior, has done little to clear things up. Why is Picuris being discriminated against .... View more in new window

NORML | November 12, 2021
After years of delays, qualified patients in West Virginia may finally begin accessing medical cannabis products at licensed retail facilities. According to the states Office of Medical Cannabis webpage, West Virginias first licensed dispensary is now open to registered patients. A second dispensary is scheduled to open on Monday, November 15. A complete list of licensed facilities is available online here. The states initial dispensary opening is nearly five years after lawmakers approved medical cannabis access. Advocates had consistently criticized regulators slow roll.... View more in new window | November 12, 2021

Kyle Jaeger
President Joe Biden announced on Friday that he intends to nominate a new Food and Drug Administration FDA commissioner who has acknowledged the potential medical benefits of marijuana and says he actually prescribed a cannabinoid drug as a doctor. Robert Califf, who previously served a short stint as the FDA head under the Obama administration, hasnt been especially vocal about marijuana issues. But at a 2016 federally hosted research summit on cannabis, he recognized various therapeutic applications for the plant and its components and emphasized that the agency is inter.... View more in new window | 11/12/21
Colorado tightens its medical marijuana rules, mainly around concerns about youth, dabs, and wax.
Colorado tightens its medical marijuana rules, mainly around concerns about youth, dabs, and wax.
(image:Creative Commons)
A New Jersey judge`s ruling keeps an Atlantic City needle exchange program alive for now, the Scottish government is trying to find a way to open a safe injection site in Glasgow, and more. Colorado tightens its medical marijuana rules, mainly around concerns about youth, dabs, and wax. Creative Commons Medical Marijuana Colorado Announces New, Stricter Medical Marijuana Rules. As of January 1, the rules for purchasing medical marijuana will be tightened. Among the changes: daily purchases of marijuana flower will be limited to two ounces and eight grams of concentrates, .... View more in new window

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