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The Joint Blog | January 10, 2018
 California Bill Would Automatically Expunge Past Marijuana Convictions

Anthony Martinelli

California Assemblymember Rob Bonta D-Oakland has introduced legislation that would require county courts to automatically expunge the records of those who have been charged with a marijuana-related crime thats since been legalized, reports Kathleen Ronayne of the Associated Press.
In 2016 California voters approved the ability to wipe criminal marijuana conviction records as a provision in the legalization initiative Proposition 64. However, the existing law requires people with convictions to initiate the process themselves, but many people dont often because they dont know they can, as the option has received little publicity For some, the process is simply to complicated and costly. Although roughly 5,000 people have applied for an expungement as of 2017, its only a small portion of the total number of people eligible. The proposed law would chan....
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The San Francisco Chronicle | January 5, 2018
 SF retailers to begin selling recreational marijuana this weekend
Production supervisor Joshua Ramos cuts marijuana buds at ButterBrand farms in San Francisco in 2016
Production supervisor Joshua Ramos cuts marijuana buds at ButterBrand farms in San Francisco in 2016
(image:Gabrielle Lurie, The Chronicle )
Peter Fimrite and David Downs
The party scene in San Francisco will get a stimulating boost this weekend after the city approved recreational sales of marijuana at seven retail stores, marking the first time city retailers will be able to legally sell the drug to customers without doctors notes. Most Popular The French Laundry has successfully reinvented itself Salesforce Tower - underwhelming despite its size Warriors midseason awards: Why Klay Thompson is Golden... Four Barrel Coffee founder Jeremy Tooker accused of sexual... Four Barrel, burned by sexual misconduct backlash, chan....
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The Joint Blog
 Lawmaker Renews Push to Make California a Sanctuary State for Marijuana

Assemblymemver Reggie Jones-Sawyer D-Los Angeles is renewing his effort to get legislation passed into law that would make California a sanctuary state for marijuana.
The renewed effort comes after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that hes rescinding the Obama-era Cole Memo which gave some protection to state-authorized cannabis outlets. Assemblymember Jones-Sawyers proposal, Assembly Bill 1578, was approved by the states Assembly in June by a vote of 41 to 33. Later that month it was approved by a Senate committee 5 to 2, but has since stalled. The impacts of this ill-conceived and poorly executed war are still being felt by communities of color across the state, Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer said in a statement. The last ti....
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| Jan 7, 2018 | LOS ANGELES
 Californias legal marijuana sales could hit a distribution roadblock

There are concerns that not enough companies are licensed and ready to transport marijuana
Most Californians with an urge to smoke a joint will enter the states legal marijuana marketplace through a single doorway at a retail shop. But out of view of those day-to-day sales, the state is ushering in a sprawling, untested system to move pot from place to place that will also serve as a collection point for taxes, a gateway for testing and a packaging center for the plants fragrant buds. The so-called marijuana distributor is a kind of skeleton connecting the states emerging industry of growers, sellers and manufacturers. Its envisioned as a vast back office wher....
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SF Evergreen | January 5, 2018
 The History of the First Dispensary in San Francisco and the U.S.

Joe Kukura

Americas first cannabis dispensary was founded right here in S.F. in 1994, when Brownie Mary and Dennis Peron fired up the marijuana movement.
Its the dawn of a new era for San Francisco dispensaries, as our pot shops become retail boutiques selling recreational cannabis to anyone age 21 and over. Venture-capital megabucks have been invested, high-rent storefronts have been transformed into trendy marijuana bazaars, and fortunes will be made overnight. These newly minted millionaires might not realize know the debt of gratitude they owe to the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club, founded in 1994. The first public marijuana dispensary in the U.S., the club was an outlaw collective whose activist founders lived unde....
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The Washington Post | January 5
 A look at prosecutors who will decide on marijuana crackdown
Bryan Schroder
Bryan Schroder
(image:Mark Thiessen, File/Associated Press)
Mark Thiessen
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has put the top federal prosecutors in states with recreational marijuana back in charge of deciding whether to press pot cases there. Heres a look at those U.S. attorneys, how they came to their jobs and their background: ALASKA Name: Bryan Schroder Appointment: Nominated by President Donald Trump in July and confirmed by the Senate in November. Background: Schroder has worked for the U.S. attorneys office for more than 12 years, prosecuting cases involving violent crime, drugs, tax evasion, environmental crimes and other offenses. He s....
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Los Angeles Times | 1/4/18
 Trump administration to target legal pot
Cathedral City Collective Care in Riverside County is one of thousands of marijuana businesses that may be at risk of raids and seizures
Cathedral City Collective Care in Riverside County is one of thousands of marijuana businesses that may be at risk of raids and seizures
(image:Maria Alejandra Cardona / Los Angeles Times)
Evan Halper
Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions is rescinding the longstanding federal policy permitting states to legalize recreational pot, placing thousands of marijuana businesses in California and other states operating legally under state law at risk to federal raids and seizures. The Justice Department move plunges Californias fledgling recreational pot market into further uncertainty, and was met with a stinging bipartisan backlash from lawmakers in states where marijuana is sold to any adult who wants to buy it. ADVERTISING inRead invented by Teads Whether federal prosecutors have the ....
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Marijuana Business Daily | January 1, 2018
 $4B Brave New World: Updates on the launch of Californias recreational marijuana market

John Schroyer
Marijuana Business Daily reporter John Schroyer is on the ground in Berkeley, California, and will post live updates throughout New Years Day from the longest-operating medical cannabis dispensary in the country Berkeley Patients Group BPG. Scroll down for a front-row seat to the challenges and successes BPG experiences on its first day selling recreational marijuana as well as insight on the launch of Californias recreational marijuana industry, which Marijuana Business Daily estimates could generate at least $4 billion in annual retail sales in several years. All entrie....
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The Washington Post | December 28, 2017 | NIPTON, Calif.
  Cannabis will be everywhere
The sun begins to set late last month in Bakersfield, Calif., in Kern County. Officials in the county voted to put a ban on the sale of marijuana, while rest of the state prepares for its legalization.
The sun begins to set late last month in Bakersfield, Calif., in Kern County. Officials in the county voted to put a ban on the sale of marijuana, while rest of the state prepares for its legalization.
(image:Matt McClain)
Scott Wilson
In the high desert of eastern California, where a two-lane road and the rail tracks cross, sits a cluster of buildings that date to the turn of the last century. There is a small hotel, a 10-table restaurant, a general store. A backhoe kicked up tan dust amid the sheds and trailers where about 30 people live. Once a thriving gold-mining town, Nipton is now an experiment. The nations largest publicly traded marijuana company, American Green, recently bought the town for $5 million, with plans to develop a cannabis-driven resort on the edge of the Mojave. The investment r....
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NORML | December 29, 2017
 2017: A NORML Year in America

Justin Strekal
n the wake of landmark cannabis victories in 2016, there was much momentum to build upon when state legislatures opened up at the beginning of 2017. With NORML chapters in nearly all 50 states, activists took the fight to the halls of state capitals and city councils from Florida to Washington State and everywhere in between. In all, lawmakers in 26 states have passed legislation to advance cannabis reform. Victories include: Nevada expediting the implementation of adult distribution of legal marijuana, becoming the first of the newly legal states to respect the will of th....
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NORML | December 28, 2017
 Adult Use Retail Sales To Commence In California

Paul Armentano
Select retailers will begin engaging in adult use marijuana sales on the morning of Monday, January 1. California joins Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington in permitting cannabis sales to those over the age of 21. Two additional states Maine and Massachusetts permit adults to legally possess and grow cannabis, but have yet to enact regulations permitting the plants commercial cultivation and sale. Under California law, retailers must possess a state license and also be compliant with local regulations. Numerous municipalities including Berkeley, San Franci....
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NPR | December 27, 2017
 California Prepares For Recreational Marijuana Sales On Jan. 1.
Katie Orr
On Jan. 1, recreational marijuana will be legal to buy and sell in California. It`s the largest state so far to make the move, which is raising regulatory and enforcement concerns nationwide. ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: On January 1, it will be legal to buy and sell recreational marijuana in California. It`s the eighth and largest state by far to make the move. It`s had to rush to get regulations in place since voters approved the measure just over a year ago. From member station KQED, Katie Orr reports. KATIE ORR, BYLINE: At Buddy`s Cannabis in San Jose, an employee carefully ....
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The Seattle Times | December 28, 2017 | LOS ANGELES AP
 Revenue hit predicted for Californias medical pot market
 This Oct. 19, 2009, file photo shows a neon sign at the entrance to the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco.
This Oct. 19, 2009, file photo shows a neon sign at the entrance to the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco.
(image:AP Photo/Eric Risberg)
In the two decades since California became the first state to allow cannabis for medicinal use, it`s been an open secret that pretty much anyone who wants pot can find a doctor who will recommend it. Now, with recreational marijuana becoming legal Jan. 1, some Californians will be tossing their state-issued cards. When Elias Zaldivar was an 18-year-old college freshman and decided he was in the market for marijuana, he knew just how to get it, and it didnt involve canvassing the corridors of his campus in search of that stoned-out dude who sold pot from his dorm room. In....
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The Oregonian | Dec 27 | PINE VALLEY, Calif.
 Marijuana is legal in California as of Jan. 1, 2018, but border patrol will still seize it

The Associated Press
California legalizes marijuana for recreational use Monday, but that won`t stop federal agents from seizing the drug -- even in tiny amounts -- on busy freeways and backcountry highways. Marijuana possession still will be prohibited at eight Border Patrol checkpoints in California, a reminder that state and federal laws collide when it comes to pot. The U.S. government classifies marijuana as a controlled substance, like heroin and LSD. ``Prior to Jan. 1, it`s going to be the same after Jan. 1, because nothing changed on our end,`` said Ryan Yamasaki, an assistant chief of ....
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