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2015 Fall Regional Cannabis Business Summit
New York NY
2015 Fall Regional Cannabis Business Summit

Marijuana Investor News
New York NY
MMJ Investor News was started to aggregate, report and opine on various ways to make money in the legal marijuana industry. While medical marijuana has been legal in many states for years, its legalization for recreational use in Colorado and Washington in 2014 has catapulted the...
Marijuana Investor News

Drug Policy Alliance Headquarters - New York
New York NY
The Drug Policy Alliance DPA is the nations leading organization promoting drug policies that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights. Our supporters are individuals who believe the war on drugs is doing more harm than good. Together we advance policies that ...
Drug Policy Alliance Headquarters - New York
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Marijuana Moment | June 15, 2019
 New York Lawmakers Might Actually Vote On Marijuana Legalization This Week
Kyle Jaeger
With just days left before the end of the legislative session, efforts to legalize marijuana in New York have been revived, with a possible vote this coming week. Though momentum to pass a legalization measure seemed to largely die off after lawmakers in neighboring New Jersey announced they wouldnt move forward with plans to end cannabis prohibition through the legislature, advocates are increasingly optimistic that a deal in the Empire State is imminent. Democratic members in both the Senate and Assembly held conferences last week to discuss details of the legislation.....
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The Weed Blog | Jun 7, 2019
 Kirsten Gillibrand announced her plan for nationwide cannabis legalization this week.
Leah Maurer
Kirsten Gillibrand has been making waves in the political discussions happening in America, both as the U.S. Senator from New York and now as a Democratic Candidate for president. If you weren`t already taking a look at what she is working toward, you should be now as this week she revealed her plan to fully legalize cannabis nationwide, stating, ``It`s 2019. Let`s legalize it. Aside from fully legalizing recreational/adult-use and medical cannabis, Gillibrand`s plan would expunge all nonviolent marijuana convictions and work on the medical and economic opportunity of thi....
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The Joint Blog | April 30, 2019
 The New York City Council has passed landmark legislation that would allow most job-hunters to avoid a drug test for marijuana.

Anthony Martinelli

The City Council passed the measure, which would ban pre-employment testing for marijuana, on Tuesday, reports the Associated Press. The measure now moves to the desk of Mayor Bill de Blasio. According to supporters of the measure , which would be the first proposal of its kind to be passed into law, would knock down a barrier that blocks people from jobs because of private behavior, not professional ability. Supports also note that marijuana can show up on a drug test days, or sometimes longer, after the high wears off. If you ingest weed in whatever manner a month ago,....
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