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Michigan Cannabis Business Development Conference
Flint MI
he Michigan Cannabis Business Development Conference consists of a Seminar with nine individual lectures and the Invention ExpositionHear the states leading experts talk on issues like marijuana legislation, court cases regarding the states medical marijuana law, launching a cann...
Michigan Cannabis Business Development Conference
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NORML | February 15, 2019
 Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/15/18
Carly Wolf
Welcome to the latest edition of NORMLs Weekly Legislative Roundup This was a big week for marijuana in Congress. The House Financial Services subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions held a hearing Wednesday to address the lack of access to basic banking services by state-legal marijuana businesses. Also this week Senator Brian Schatz D-HI and Representative Barbara Lee D-CA introduced legislation, The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act, to expand and facilitate medical cannabis access to military veterans suffering from chronic pain, PTSD, ....
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N Y Times | Nov. 7, 2018
 Marijuana Embraced in Michigan, Utah and Missouri, but Rejected in North Dakota

Christine Hauser
Marijuana initiatives appeared on ballots in four states in the midterm elections. In Michigan and North Dakota, initiatives gave voters the opportunity to legalize marijuana for recreational use. In Missouri and Utah, voters chose whether to allow people who are sick to use the drug for medical reasons. Here are the results of those initiatives. Michigan voters legalized the sale and use of marijuana Michigan became the first Midwestern state to legalize recreational marijuana, and the 10th state, in addition to the District of Columbia, to allow adults to possess the dr....
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The Joint Blog | January 28, 2019
 Minnesota Legislature to Consider Legalizing Marijuana

Anthony Martinelli

Legislation will be introduced today in the Minnesota House and Senate that would legalize and regulate marijuana for those 21 and older.
State lawmakers will introduce legislation today that would fully end marijuana prohibition in Minnesota while establishing a licensed, regulated and taxes system of marijuana businesses. The legislation, sponsored by Senators Melisa Franzen DFL and Scott Jensen R in the Senate and Representatives Mike Freiberg DFL in the House, would make it legal for adults 21 and older to possess, grow, and purchase limited amounts of marijuana. The state would license and regulate businesses to cultivate, process, test, and sell marijuana to adults, and it would create and enforce stri....
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