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Open Minded MedicineOmm has long been beleived by many to be the original sound, the intonation from which all exsistence resonates. The beleif remains that if one could open their min...

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The Joint Blog | May 9, 2018

Anthony Martinelli

There was more legal marijuana sold throughout Colorado in March than any month prior, according to new data released by the Colorado Department of Revenue.
There was $135,183,956 worth of marijuana and marijuana products purchased legally in Colorado in March. This sets a new monthly sales record for the state, which began legal sales in 2014. Roughly $106 million of this came from recreational marijuana sales, with the additional $29.2 million coming from the sale of medical marijuana. The new data brings the states total for 2018 to $365 million, a 6 percent increase from the same period in 2017. This puts the state on track to sell around $1.6 billion in legal marijuana for 2018, which would be a slight increase from the ....
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The Joint Blog | April 24, 2018
 Colorado Senate Passes Measure to Alter Food and Drug Act to Allow Products with Industrial Hemp

Anthony Martinelli

Legislation that would alter the Colorado Food and Drug Act to allow products containing industrial hemp has been passed through its second reading in the states Senate.
House Bill 1295 was passed today through its second reading in the Senate, roughly two weeks after it was passed unanimously 62 to 0 in the House of Representatives. The measure will need to be passed through one more reading in the Senate before it can be sent to Governor John Hickenlooper for consideration. According to its official summary; The bill establishes that food and cosmetics are not adulterated or misbranded by virtue of containing industrial hemp. The bill also sets forth the department of public health and environments powers with regard to applicants and re....
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Marijuana Business Daily | April 11, 2018
 Medical marijuana states experience wide spectrum of wholesale prices, supply

Bart Schaneman
The wholesale price and supply situation for various state medical marijuana markets is a mixed bag, with different regulations, patient counts and product availability generating diverse situations. In New Mexico, for example, medical marijuana business owners are experiencing increased demand and rising prices. Elsewhere, however, MMJ business owners are suffering the same fate as their recreational counterparts, namely bloated supplies and sliding prices. New Mexicos situation is unique. Regulators there have capped the number of plants an MMJ business can grow at 450....
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