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Stephen L Saltonstall
Manchester Center VT
The mission of VMS is to serve the public by facilitating and enhancing physicians individual and collective commitments, capabilities, and efforts to improve the quality of life for the people of Vermont through the provision of accessible and appropriate health care services. O...
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Marijuana Business Daily | January 11, 2018
  Is this the year state legislatures lead the charge to pass recreational marijuana laws?

Omar Sacirbey
While not likely to be as historic as the legalization wave of 2016, this is expected to be a watershed year for the cannabis industry. For the first time, from all indications, state legislatures are poised to pass recreational marijuana legalization laws, with the East Coast being the most fertile ground for such efforts. Vermont appears to be leading the charge after state lawmakers Wednesday approved legislation permitting citizens to possess and home grow marijuana. Republican Gov. Phil Scott said he will sign the legislation. So far, the recreational cannabis laws ....
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Smell The Truth | January 10, 2018
  Smell the Truth Business Health Lifestyle Legal Activism Science Reviews Vermont lawmakers approve marijuana legalization
Vermont State House
Vermont State House
(image:Jared C. Benedict)
Oscar Pascual
The Vermont legislature has set a historic precedent by approving a bill to legalize cannabis. The states senate on Wednesday passed H.511, which legalizes marijuana for adult recreational use, reports Reuters. Republican Gov. Phil Scott says he intends to sign the bill into law, which would make Vermont the first state to legalize marijuana through legislation rather than a voter-approved ballot initiative. The bill allows adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce, as well as grow a limit of two adult plants and four immature plants beginning July 1. Unlike other le....
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Marijuana Policy Project | January 9th, 2018
 New Hampshire House Approved Marijuana Legalization Bill
The New Hampshire House of Representatives approved a bill to make marijuana legal for adults on Tuesday by a vote of 207-139. The bill will now move to the Senate, where it will be assigned to a committee and given a public hearing before being voted on by the full Senate. HB 656, which was introduced last session by Rep. Glen Aldrich R-Gilford, would make possession of three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana legal for adults aged 21 and older. Home cultivation of up to three mature and three immature plants would be legal for adults as well. Last year, the New Hampshire....
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NORML | January 9, 2018
 New Hampshire House Votes to Legalize Marijuana Possession and Cultivation

This morning, in a direct rebuke to the bluster coming from US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 207 to 139 in favor of a measure that would legalize the possession of up to 3/4 of an ounce of marijuana and the cultivation of 3 mature plants for adults 21 years of age or over. This legislation is similar to a measure passed by members of the House of Representatives in neighboring Vermont last week. Both measures now await action by their respective state Senates, with a vote in Vermont expected for later today. A broader lega....
View more in new window | January 8th, 2018
 Vermont House Passes Marijuana Legislation

Monterey Bud

Vermonts elected officials have started off the 2018 legislative process on a progressively high note.
On Thursday, while Americas Attorney General AG was busy making new congressional enemies and rescinding the Cole Memorandum, Vermonts House of Representatives passed a bill that would legalize the recreational use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana for those adults over 21 years old. Rep. Brian Savage R-4th District had initially requested a delay in the vote, citing the nervous ignorance emanating from the Department of Justice and AG Jeff Sessions, but the bill passed with an 81 to 63 vote. The legislation, H. 511, if passed by the Senate and signed by Gov. Sco....
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Marijuana Policy Project | Jan 04, 2018
 Vermont House Approves Bill to Make Marijuana Legal for Adults

Today, the Vermont House passed H. 511 in a 81-63 vote. Gov. Phil Scott has already pledged that he will sign the bill after it passes one more procedural vote in the Senate. H. 511 would eliminate Vermonts civil penalty for possessing one ounce or less of marijuana and remove penalties for possession of up to two mature marijuana plants and up to four immature plants, beginning in July. Meanwhile, a governor-appointed task force will issue a final report on how the state should tax and regulate marijuana sales and commercial cultivation by December 15, 2018. If you are a....
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The Weed Blog | 1/4/2018 | MONTPELIER, Vt.
 Vermont House Passes Bill to Make Cannabis Legal for Adults

Vermont poised to become the first state to legalize adults possession and cultivation of marijuana legislatively
Only a few hours after Jeff Sessions announced that he was rescinding the federal governments policy on states with legal marijuana, Vermont legalized weed. The bill to legalize adult-use cannabis passed the House Thursday evening. After spending the entire day debating proposed legislation, lawmakers voted 81-63 in favor of legalizing marijuana. Adults 21 of age and older will be permitted to grow and possess marijuana once the Senate approves the measure and Republican Governor Phil Scott signs the bill. The new law will be implemented in July of this year. The governor ....
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Marijuana Policy Project | Dec 20, 2017
 Vermont Legalization Compromise Expected to Pass in January

In recent weeks, legislative leaders and Gov. Phil Scott have reaffirmed that the legalization bill, H. 511, is expected to pass in early January. If that happens, marijuana possession and limited cultivation will become legal for adults 21 and older on July 1, 2018. Despite these reassurances, we know that the vote will be close in the House of Representatives, so we are still fighting to earn every vote we can get. Please take a moment to call or email your representatives and urge them to support passage of H. 511. Earlier this year, the Vermont became the first state ....
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