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Green Ticket Bakery

Green Ticket Bakery
855 834-1110
Green Ticket Bakery was founded on the principle of helping others in a natural holistic way. Our products taste classic while still targeting specific medical conditions for those who cannot inhale. Edibles also provide the perfect alternative for almost any social situation. We have mastered the art of Cold Water Hash and have a patented infusion process that is all-natural.
Finding the right medical cannabis for your condition is important for alleviating your symptoms. With the growing variety of medical cannabis strains available, it can be difficult finding the best strain for you. Green Ticket Bakery takes much of the guesswork out of selecting the best edibles for specific conditions and symptoms. With strain name and benefits on the packaging you always know what youre getting.Green Ticket Bakery
Green Ticket Bakery Most edibles are produced with either alcohol tinctures, butane based oils orcannabutter. These procedures can severely affect the taste, as well as howyour body absorbs the THC and CBDs. Edibles are notorious for poor taste andbeing difficult to eat because most manufactures of edibles usetechniques of masking the distinct flavor of cannabis with unique flavorings,fats and chocolate. This is unnecessary and in most cases unhealthy. GreenTicket Bakery edibles are infused with an all natural infusion process, thiswill guarantee you a better tasting edible and healthier product.
Updated: 11/3/2014
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